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2005-01-03 20:49:00


Hi Andy

Read this as a desperate try to get clues about the whereabouts of a

dear friend lost in the tsunami. His name is ALBERTO CIRIO, 39, from

Turin, Italy, in the last few years living between India and Thailand

to follow his ayurvedic studies.

According to his last email (23/12/04 - Bangkok) he was travelling with

JESSICA (no surname or photo as yet, I'm afraid), a Singaporean girl

arriving at Hat Yai, and were supposed to go to Koh Lipe, Thailand,

then to Georgetown, Malaysia.

The foggy bit starts here: no one seems to have seen him, nor italians

there, nor staff people at the local Pooh's Bar. I assume they could

have found bungalows all busy and hopped somewhere else, but don't have

a clue where they could have gone from there. Is there any other of

those islands that have bungalows, and possibly places I could contact?

Any other idea that someone with your experience can suggest? Right now

I think I've posted his photo and details pretty much on every place

available, official, unofficial, thai or other...

He has a tatoo of a scorpion on his right arm. Here's a picture of him:


and a page with details:


As I said it's a desperate attempt, so thanks very much for whatever

help you can provide.



I just received this email from a person, sadly I have received many of these desparate emails over the years and already have a page specifically for missing people, because even though this tsunami has created a lot of missing people this is NOT a new situation.

Many Many travelers come up missing each year, there is no way for the family to find the person and in desperation they reach out and start email site or people that are traveling. Finding a solution is difficult, I have my report a missing traveler page where you can post missing persons.

Go to the bottom and fill out the form, note I will fix soon and add all the countries.



I am working with Andrew my techie for a registration form for traveler to tell their families and friend where they are as they drift from country to country. There is a pretty good one for USA citizens, but this need to be for all countries of the world, not just the USA and not just for tourist in ONE country. Add your opinions on this project at this link and it where you will begin to register in the future.


Thanks Andy Hobotraveler.com in Trat Thailand

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