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2005-01-31 19:47:00

I have been walking by a construction site here in Thailand. As I walk by the worker hoot and holler and say hello and all sorts of friendly things. They all stop to look and try to engage me in conversation.


As best I can calculate about 70 percent of the construction workers are women in Thailand and this group seems to have taken a liking to me. I am not going to criticize their sexual harassment, but I will

Grade it...

I give them B, they would get and A if they were more creative!

The wear the stocking caps over their faces most of the time so you can not see their faces. I believe or understand this it to stop the sun from turning them browner. In Thailand the people put on cream that whitens their skin. The seem to really not like dust or smells. I am not clear on this, but the best I can tell the stocking cap is for Sun, second for dust, third they cover the mouths with a mask for smells and dust.


When you saw all them mask on faces of people in Asia that was to help protect them form the disease SARS, I think this was a misrepresentation by the media. The Asia culture has a mask over their face a LOT, not just for disease. I can see the surgical type mask regularly.

I got them to wave for the camera.