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2005-01-28 20:22:00

Friday January 28, 2005 3:49 AM

One-step above a monkey, which is my rendition of human progress as I talk with my associate or colleague. I also call him boy genius, he is possibly capable of doing something I cannot do, and I am not sure if I can do what he can do? I think I can, but I am not sure I can apply myself or maybe I cannot become motivated enough to learn what he knows.

Why would I say?

“One step above a monkey?”

Andrew is here to talk with me about a travel site, the site is HoboTraveler.com and both of us are working on the site. Although presently I do 95 percent of the lifting, there is I hope a slow transition from me to anybody?

How to blog?

Let us get down to the truth or real goal.

How do I show my photos to my friends at home, or the world?

How do I write a daily story for people to read on the internet?

How do I send this story to my friends?

Then they ask the difficult question, how do I make money?


I despise when people use big words. I do not care if they use words I understand, but I do not like if they use a word they know I do not understand. Innate translated in my mother terms would is the…

“The God give abilities you are born with, everyone is different, and not everyone can be a rocket scientist.”

Andrew is a very smart boy or young man; sometimes what he can do very easily I cannot do, what is obvious to me, or to him is not obvious to a reader of the blog, newsletter or web site.

I am positive and feel sad, that I could explain to my mother and father for years my web site and I know they would not understand how it works. However, how it works is not important, what is important is my mother, father, friends, and some of the world can see my photos and read this talking. There is a desire to tell the world about what we see, feel, think, and talk about it; there is a human need to communicate.

I accept every day that I cannot begin to explain myself to the world, but I try to explain my trip or story. A reader of this blog experience or hears maybe one-half of percent of the story, the rest of the story takes too much time to explain.


I am a monkey, maybe an ape.

I am not a machine, I am not a computer.

I would rather go eat a banana, look at other monkeys in bikinis, have a massage than sit around and learn. I obviously to myself spend more time trying to have fun than trying to learn, so I am a monkey without a worry in the world.


I sat down in a lounge chair next to a swimming pool two days ago. I started to read my Wilbur Smith book, enjoying the heat of the sun with the pleasure of a few bikinis and water. A small paradise.

A man or boy can and sat next to me, he has tattoos on about 40 percent of his body. That means that he was about 50 percent blue colored as I was looking at a big ink spot. I was thinking, why would this guy come to the pool and lay in the sun. he is already a blue color. He had his whole face, arms; small tattoo in his ears, nose, there was an ink or blue decoration on every part of his body.

I blog because it feels good.

This man got tattoos because it feels good.

The tattoos make him feel complete.

Can you imagine trying to tell a monkey to not urinate? Impossible and it is impossible to stop people from doing what they want to do, because we are monkeys that have needs. Everyone is different and has different needs or wants.


I am a monkey, tempt me with butter pecan enough times and I will eat it, I am not able to stop myself. The only way to stop myself is to not go near the temptation; I am not capable of resisting.

So I surrender, I give up, I have learned there are too many temptations when I travel. I will or need to wander from place to place with no plan and look at what makes me feel good or tempts me, I give up, and I am going to follow temptations.

I am a monkey that cannot stop myself from urinating; I cannot stop myself from temptations.

So back to the issue with Andrew, why are we monkeys or one stop above a monkey and what does this have to do with making a travel web site or travel. Really, it has everything to do with blogging. Blogging really has very little to do with a travel site, but most people unfortunately define my web site as my blog. The blog is the easiest thing I do, I just start typing on the computer and the then it gets more complicated. After I type, I am then innately capable, or have the God given ability to easily put it on the internet. I am not sure I can teach someone to do what I presently do with my blog, I think it is too complicated NOW for 98 percent of people. If you can NOW make a web page, you can probably blog. If you cannot NOW make a web page then how will you blog? It is a web page.


I have seen this Australia woman about five times now in the internet café. Her son and family keep sending her pictures of her grandchildren or sons and daughters. She asked me how to save these photos !

Aagh Pain emotional, deep, frustration. I tried, but I know she does not have the God given ability to protect and save these photos. She needs help, I gave here some hints, like go to Yahoo Photos and save the photos, but will she be able to do this correctly tomorrow when I am not showing her? Then she shows me a different type of photo and it became even more complicated. I want to show her, but she is NOT smart enough, she does not have the brain to do this, her brain is made for another monkey like task, and I am a different monkey.

Every day we are told we are the same, equal, and have the same rights, but give me a break, we are not the same. I am terrible at learning languages and this lady may be a person that can learn languages quickly, I cannot. I wish it was easy for me, but learning a language is extreme work for me.

People for some reason think I am good at blogging, really, the secret here is not the blog, and it is the fact that I do it longer. I do no blog longer; I just travel longer and keep talking. I am a monkey that talks too much.

I receive a very nice email from a friend Bill that I think is or was in the Hospital while his father was very sick. He said he was happy to read my blog because it was real, and he wanted a real person, not a person saying all the things to make them happy.

Another person said to me in an email, I hope I wrote him to say thank you, but some times, I am busy and forget, but I thank him. He said to me that he like to read my blog because it was not predictable. He said you read many blogs and you know what to expect.

I get on travel sites and pretty much hate them, a lot of pretty pictures saying how great a place is, then I watch CNN or BBC and all it says is how bad things are, everything is so predictable.

This is a blog, start talking and someone will want to listen to you, but first try to tell the truth. If you tell the truth about what you think and feel, you will not be predictable. Nevertheless, even for the people that create a lie that works also because in reality I believe more people want to hear a lie, than the truth. But that is my opinion of the truth, maybe I am delusional.

What I keep telling Andrew the last few days is that a web cam should be so easy you plug it in and it works.

A blog should be as easy as writing an email, when it is that simple than we have taught a monkey to write a book, or more correctly tempted them with bananas. I suppose this all sound pretty jaded or cynical, but sometime I need to remember I am a monkey and I can only do what I can do.

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