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I have decided to take a hopping trip down the coast hit hard by the Tsunami, for awhile I thought about flying to Bali, but now I think about how serious this was and as one guy said about Baghdad, someone has to witness. I really am not fond of looking at destruction.

On a brighter note I am very excited about Andrew my techy that is coming from India tonight.

I am on the internet everyday, I travel or look at something to do with travel everyday for over eight years. I get frustrated, I try, I think, I plot, I plan, I come up with ideas to experiment with and I want to make every information source I would want. I WANT A GREAT WEBPAGE to help me travel!

So here I am, I have a webpage, it is not the great page I want, it is just a good start.

But then Andrew is coming, in his mind is the ability to translate my dreams and schemes into reality. Plus in the last year google.com/adsense has given me the money to pay for my dreams. Unlike you, I cannot go buy a car, a stereo, a house, I have a backpack and cannot and do not want to carry them THINGS in my pack. I just want a small home on my back and the project and fun of creating a perfect website.

I know others people that have the ability to do this in the USA, but the world is so complicated and expensive in the USA, I am still years away from paying for the. But a boy from India can help me jump over some large hurdles and achieve my web dreams.

So we will be able to discuss the needs and wants of a Hobo traveling around the planet, and there is nothing like experience to teach him. I will take him into the world of a backpacker for a couple of weeks, and he will know a little of the center of the backpacker universe and what makes a world traveler tick.

I am working hard to duplicate or find a few more Andrews as I need some brains, I have a few but more is better and I have many projects. OUR first attach will be to get the web cam working on Khao San Road. I am thinking maybe I should carry a couple more cameras with me and it is possible I could set up in Phuket or further down the coast.

Life is good, I am sure there are many people arguing with God right now about the Tsunami, but I believe it best to not argue and just do the next right thing, and take the next step.