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2005-01-25 19:39:00

What a name for a diary or log of my adventure, wonder who sits around and comes up with these names. Maybe the most creative parts of life are created by the anonymous.

I have been busy the last few days and am now back in Bangkok. It has been difficult traveling with Andrew or more correctly, it has been very difficult to learn about Andrew. For those of you that do not know, Andrew is a techie from Goa, India that has come here to talk with me about my page and teach me some things, I am trying to communicate my goals for my web site, and we are discussing all the problems and solutions of the site. In addition, trying to put some great toys on the site.

Well, Andrew like computers, but when it comes to Thailand he is very short on words. I am not sure he has told me anything he really wanted to see in Thailand. Oh yes, he did say he wanted to go to Panthip Computer Plaza. This large four-story building has a computer mall inside and is complete full of cheap computer type things. Notebooks, cameras, and copies of software, you can buy anything you wish so in some ways a computer heaven for a guy like Andrew or even me, but more for Andrew.

Long stories but I realized that Andrew did not care about Phuket so we aborted this trip and came back to Bangkok where I can help him stay on a computer 8 hours per day and let him do what he like to do.

I think I will fly round trip to Phuket to take photos. A lot has happened in the last few days to change my plans. I have two friends from Arequipa, Peru that taught English. I have discussed with them the idea of starting a Hostel in Peru and them managing the Hostel. Mary has expressed a big desire to do so, and now it has come to the head of the line. The place where they worked suddenly ended their job, so they are un-employed.


I told or wrote Mary and said I would return to Peru to start a Hostel with her. I started a Hostel in Iquitos, Peru for another person, but this one will be for me and her, or something like that. I am really not concerned it is more for fun than for money. I suppose or hope that it can help Mary to live comfortably and enjoy life easily. For me it is a project and fun, plus my helps me to define the perfect HOTEL or what is the perfect Hostel.

I have a site called Hobohideout.com


It is down I think, I need to check, but this site I started a couple of years ago to help the Hostel in Iquitos, but slowly the internet plots against me and wins some days. Hosting companies change, the internet is difficult. Taking a site down, moving, keeping it current is a big job. I have not done well with this site, but hopefully I will have it up and running properly soon. I am trying to delegate a lot of this to Andrew and to others, but if you have followed my newsletters, you know that I have man projects. Sometime I am able to keep them going well, and other times they drag to a stop.

The web cam project is up and at them, but who can say how it is going. I am frustrated at the number of variables that have to be considered to get this working properly. I define my goal and then keep striving to attain the goal presently after a long time of working I suppose I am 60 percent toward my goal. I want to put live television type cameras on popular places on the planet.

I now have a camera on Khao San Road, as most of you can see it is not close and easy to see the street. I hope to move it down, but like my friend Chris says, I am doing all the heavy lifting. I am having to push and shove to get this done, this is a real pain. I cannot just pay to have this done; I have to push everyone involved to keep moving toward the goal. When I stop for one minute on pushing they all stop moving. I suppose this is the same for anything frustrating, the desire to move or choose to be frustrated is not a normal decision. I am frustrated, but want to get this working. I want the completion high you get when doing a good job.

I need to get this camera “Idiot Proof.” My friend John used to define things as this, something that any idiot can perform or at least not destroy. These cameras really need to be idiot proof or so easy to do that anyone can just plug and play them. I am only 60 percent towards that goal.

Andrew has taught me a lot, but this is still a long way from idiot proof, I still have a long way to go before the web cam project is perfect.

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