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2004-12-02 04:35:00

Thursday December 2, 20004 8:02 AM

I am still confused on the day and date, having trouble being sure.

From yesterday to today, strange things have happened in Marrakech, Morocco and two French people in the internet agree. This is a strange country, I realized daily that this is truly a separate culture than Europe, but that was probably just and insult to the Europeans… oops, sorry.

Of course, it is different, as all countries are unique, that is why they are countries. Except for Canada.


I was on a late night trip to the internet café in my quest to find a cheap plane ticket from Europe to Asia as I am having misgiving about trying to make a trip across Northern Africa. I cannot figure out if all the Visas are possible and how long it will take, so until that is decided I need to take a break and do other trips.

I did make a little progress in my project on how to travel around the world cheaply by plane page. I think that maybe Germany is the center of Europe for Airplane trips, and not Amsterdam, in fact I am sure that Amsterdam is a terrible place to fly in and out of, EXCEPT with a round-trip ticket. England is maybe cheap coming from the USA, and I cannot find out how to leave England and go to the USA cheaply.

However, my find is this page:

NOTE: Before you click on it, LOOK for the Engl or word that says how to search in English, I was searching in German for about 15 minutes before I found the link. Therefore, they do have an English search page.

Ok, the strange part about the Casablanca girl… I was strolling back to the Hotel last night and a girl passed my in one of the Djebellas, I am sure I spelled it wrong, but one of them long hooded Caspers the Ghost outfits and she smiled at me and said hello, I thought it was Jennifer the Canadian girl hiding under the wrap, but when I stopped to talk to her, the girl started talking to me like she knew me, I was confused so went along. I realized soon that I had no idea who she was, and the more I looked at her, I could not be sure where she was from. She looked Moroccan in an Israeli sort of way, but who can be sure. Well I talked with her, started on the normal Interview, she said though very quickly.

“I go to Agadir, come with me.”

I asked,

“Where are you from?”

She said,

“Casablanca, but I live in Agadir.”

(A beach city south of here and I am thinking of going soon.)

She is speaking too good of English for Morocco and is way up the ladder of English Morocco speakers, so I am in either awe or high suspicion as to where she is from and what she is up too. I am thinking she is a prostitute, but prostitutes do not ask you to go other cities.

She said,

“You can come and stay at my house, and come back to Marrakech in the morning, come on.”

A command and very forceful, like a hooker, but not like a Moroccan girl, I am very confuse, she is not black, she is the brown color, and I only say this because my gut feeling is the former slaves or blackish or more blackish people are culturally a little more straight forward and less on the cower side of life, so she is acting very blunt for a Morocco girl. Now the Morocco boys act just like this, in your face all the time, but the Morocco girls are always looking at the floor, except in my guess world the blacker ones. Hard to separate cultures here, and I am way off the politically accepted scale of subject that are acceptable to discuss, but then again I am trying understand why this beautiful girl ask me to go home with her.

Well, I heehawed and talked, and changed the subject, tried to engage her in a longer conversation, but her comment was always, come with me to Agadir. I said, I am going to Agadir in three days, but this did not faze her and she did not want to see me in three days.

It seemed like she was a girl that came to Marrakech to get some strange, or to hook for the night. She needs either a cheap room or a place to stay so not finding either she was returning home. However, she should have if she was a prostitute want to come back to my room and stay. Although she did ask me which Hotel I was staying in and probably this hotel is not accepting to prostitutes, I am not sure, and do not know, so who really knows. I suppose I could ask the Hotel if I can bring Moroccan girls into my room, and see what they say, but this is one of them dangerous questions as it is like trying to convert an Islamic girl to Christianity. It is illegal I have heard to try to convert Islamic people here to Christianity and trying to bop them is right up there with converting… She never did say though, lets go to this Hotel, which I am sure Marrakech has prostitute hotels, I am not sure where, but I am 95 percent sure they do. She was a strange bird and who knows what she was up to…

My instincts say,

50 percent chance she was Morocco just wanting some fun.

50 percent chance she was a Morocco girl wanting some fun and I will have to pay a surcharge on the way out. Gift, money, bonus, something or pay for her bus fares, etc.

Oh, well life is stranger in some places.