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2004-12-30 21:16:00

Friday December 31, 2004 6:37 AM

The sun is slowly rising somewhere on this island, I can tell because it is light, but I cannot see the sun. There are many small islands and high coconut trees, therefore between the trees and the other islands, I have no idea unless I go work to find the sun why there is light. I will do this maybe some day, but today no. It is light, the waves are slowly breaking, and in the early morning, I listen better and realize there is a constant breaking of waves. This sound is always with you in the Lazy Daze Hotel, Huts or Bungalows. I am not sure what they call this place; I sure hope it is not the Lazy Daze Resort, but it is possible, because it is the same as the so-called resorts on the island.

Nonetheless, there is a constant breaking of waves and the sun is slowly lighting the area. Time to walk to the toilets and look around to notice that no one is awake. This is a small difference between Bangkok or a city and the islands. In a city, you do have early risers on an island you have nobody that rises early, except for taxi drivers. This island is short on taxi drivers so there is nobody around. At about 7:45 the whole island though starts to move because the morning boat must leave around 8:30, they day at 8:00 but that is the projected or scheduled time, but that has to be impossible as I have not seen two groups of people leaving at 8:00 from the huts and the hut is about 20 minutes from the pier. Therefore, there is a general agreement among the people that they are leaving at 8:00 am from the pier, but they do not leave the huts until 8:00 am, I suppose this is a great ploy whereby people can fool themselves. I personally do not like to play games with myself like this, as I believe it leads to dysfunctional behavior. Hehehe.

There is nothing functional about Thailand travelers, this is a world where dysfunctional is normal and functional behavior is considered bad. I would consider myself functional, but normally smart enough not to explain how I live or what I do with most people as they consider it weird to get up in the morning and work. The think they need to go home and be forced to work by their employers and this is normal, even though I get to stay in these paradise situations and they must return, what is normal to them is to work in a place they do not like.


This is a saying, which goes more or less, that

“If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.”


“If anything can go wrong, it will.”


“I had never had a piece of toast

Particularly long and wide,

But fell upon the sanded floor,

And always on the buttered side.”

James Payn (1830 - 1898)

British writer and editor.

Chambers's Journal

If something happens, if is possible to be bad, it will be the wrong that happens. I may be a proverb….

So how does this apply to me? Well, before I left for this island I decided to lighten up my backpack a few kilos of things I thought I would not need. Therefore, I went through all of my pack and pulled out things like long pants, jackets, electronic equipment, software, and things I believed I could live without for a week. But here I am at 7:00 AM on this island and if I would not have removed my boy scout cooking kit I could be drinking coffee cooked over an alcohol flame and not sitting here waiting for the restaurant or the electricity. The restaurant will open at about 7:45 or in another 45 minutes and the electricity will come one so I could use my little one-cup coffee heater at 10:00, but now I am without coffee. I thought for some reason I did not need the pans. I carry them with me constantly and to be truthful I only need them one time per month and extremely rare in Asia because the food is so cheap. But I have many uses for them and carry them because I suppose like a boy scout I think I should be prepared.

So this goes wrong, what was meant to be a good thing, lightening up my backpack turned wrong… no big wrong, but would be nice to have cup of coffee right now, Tempted to drink cold coffee… yckk.

NOTE: I am thinking about taking a couple of photos to put on the blog of Koh Mak, I am procrastinating until I see if the internet is stable, I have so far accessed that it is not real stable, because of a one in two trip to the place and it worked. But it was pretty good when it did work, although all the people tell you how slow the internet is, I believe they have no idea. The internet here is just a normal speed for a dial up, and only has four computers on the one line so very fast in reality. It is when they put 50 people on a DSL that is slow, or 20 on a dial up. Most people are typing messages and not using the internet wavelength anyway, it is the heavy surfers or people like me that publish 5 megs of photos that uses wavelength and I think the internet here is find, just too expensive at 3 dollars an hour, but in Europe this would be extremely cheap. A great price in Thailand is 15 Baht per hour or about 20 cents U.S. per hour.

I suppose there should be law…

“If a perceived that they should complain, they will complain.”

People access, that the internet should be slow on an island and therefore in their mind it is, but that is not a necessary correlation. The mobile phones are working.