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2004-12-05 03:05:00

Sunday December 5, 2004 6:24 AM

I am finished with my Newsletter on Morocco and I am finished with all of my photo pages, I have put them all on the internet and I am forgiven for all of my sins of non-completion. Everything is up and at them.

I have even been playing with my translation program on my computer to see how it works. I have translated the newsletter into French, German and Spanish. I can do about six others fast, but let us see how this goes. I know I have people in these languages that read my letter.

Talk about grammar error and problems; whoopee, I can have the whole world angry. Most people that are reading my English but are native German, French, and Spanish etc. are not brave enough to criticize my English although all of them countries have corrected me. Embarrassing when a Thai person corrects my English.

My English though is getting better and my computer is teaching me grammar. I find my computer though does not like me to talk in passive voice as its current pain in the neck, tell me, or try to correct me when I do a grammar and spell check process. It also does not like the words…



It wants therefore, however, or nonetheless and sure does not like lady or guy and wants me to make it homogenous as person.

I would put all them QUOTE MARKS around them words to make it correct, or I think it would be correct, but the Bloc du notes or whatever you call the text notepad on the French computes do not like quotation marks and really is annoying.



Traduction en Français par traduction du programme machine

Traducción en Alemán por programa de computadora.

Traducción en Español por programa de computadora.


Very happy to get out of Marrakech and is on the bottom of the list of places I want to return to see again although Essaouira would be fun when the beach is full of French Bikinis during the summer… I hope.

The train leaves at around nine tonight I am told by the desk reception person and I will go around noon to buy a ticket. I have to pay 15-20 Dirhams there and back for about 40 Dirhams to buy the ticket. I have been spoiled by Thailand where everywhere and anywhere you can buy a ticket for one-tenth the price quicker, smarter, and easier. I really despise paying through the nose for Train tickets like here in Morocco or Europe and then have to work my tail off just to perform the task. South America and Asia and where life is easy.

There is such a misunderstanding about continents.

EASY continents or areas are

Southeast Asia

South America

Central America



USA and Canada


I never walk around with my backpack on in the cheaper countries because I have a taxi; Morocco is half-and-half, cheap on taxis, but expensive on the train. Sort of like Argentina and probably headed down the same path of destruction. Trying to be European, but is Africa while Argentina is one of the least developed countries in South America but want to be the most, and took a big spanking with their economy. Argentina no esta Europa. Nevertheless, for sure Europe is looking for a depression if they keep up the outrageous inflation or money grabbing with the Euro. They have or I feel they have increase the overall expense of living in Europe by 20 percent, while the USA is getting cheaper.

Germany is the only country that seems to be reasonable and is very competitive and doing well, well France and England will not get the help from the USA with this war. (I know England does not use Euros.)