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McDonalds Frankfurt Germany Airport

2004-12-11 06:19:00

11:18 AM December 10, 2004

I am in the McDonalds in the airport in Frankfurt. I have been talking with various persons and we all agree that you would think an airport would have electrical plugs for the business guys to recharge their computers after arriving from one country by plane and waiting to leave. If the person has used the computer on the plane he or she now is in dire need of a charge. As best I can tell there are two plugs in this McDonalds and plugs in the toilets for people to shave, those are the only plugs I have found. But I also can understand why Europe complains about McDonalds, it the only reasonably priced place and the food is still double the cost of the USA, so a very expensive fast food restaurant.

Two more hours before my plane leave, I have been in the McDonalds for the last 4 hours, and life is easy. Working on my page, and drinking a 3 dollar small cup of coffee for four hours.


Freitag Dezember 10, 2004 7:27 Morgens

I wake up in the Frankfurt, Airport and push my baggage cart into the toilet to clean up, drink some water and make my first cup of coffee. I only have enough instant coffee for two cups so I will go lean on fuel today. When I return to my seat another gentleman is sitting close to the area where I laying for the night, so I sit down and say,

“Good morning.”

He replied with,


I think it was Gut Morgen, but hard to remember now, nonetheless translation of good morning is not necessary except in a perfect world and my world knows he said hello, good morning. He is a good man and I know this. I am waking up and trying to think again, so finally I say,

“Where are you going?”

He says,


I am thinking he is saying Basrah, as in in the south Iraq, and this guy just does not look like he is going to Iraq, my brain is cloudy and trying to scour the cheap computer I call my brain, I am not remembering where I know the name… He ask me,

“Where do you go?”

I say,


He looks, then shakes his head, then more or less says,


I understood what he meant, he was saying why are you down here this is not the place where there are flights to Thailand presently and what are you doing. I say or hold up two fingers and say two, then say Morocco and take my hand and make a winding sign like a snake, saying I am following the path from Morocco to here. He starts to laugh and computers.

“Wake UP.”

I say,

“Yes, I wake up.”

Communication is a natural happenstance between the human animals and providing you can disconnect your need for understanding on how to communicate you will be able to communicate. There are natural ways people talk whether with their hand, eyes, faces, or words. But even sometimes when you do not know what the word means, you instantly learn like a child. The nature of a traveler.

This is the absurdity and sometime me pulling the leg of all the reader of my newsletter and even spelling word wrong when I know I could fix them. The perfect word or grammar almost has nothing to do with travel. The perfect world of grammar has to do with writing a novel. These are separate and I am sharing or trying to share my world of travel, not my ability to write a novel.

The man left and looks like he retrieved or met his daughter, they are now both waiting to go to I believe Basel, Switzerland.

Interesting the Switzerland or German brain has an amazing capacity to put two and two together or to deduce from two things what happened and what will happen. He understood my hand signal and deduced that I slept in the airport very quickly, while many culture are innately incapable of making the deduction or abstraction from two other observations to the end result. This can be very annoying, but the other culture may be able to see your needs faster than or recognize your needs faster than a Germanic culture. But for sure the German type cultures are a fine tune animal.

There is so much good and so much bad in all cultures, I am trying some days with great difficulty to only observe the good, as I am accustom to the good and take that for granted, this is not good.


There are small things to observe in cultures that are great and interesting. I have this very large baggage cart that is like my homeless grocery cart and I will not sacrifice it, or forsake it for a minute. Therefore this cart must enter the toilet with me as I am afraid some efficient German cleaning person will take my cart if I leave it outside. So as I enter the Germans see I am trying to enter a door with a handle and about 6 people have held the door open without me asking, but then the German brain can see the need and anticipate my problem, not so self-centered, they can do more than react in the world but be proactive and open the door. But lots of cultures can be proactive but are mean in nature and would not do a good deed under any condition.

I think the German people are a learned taste, they are difficult like an American, but once you go past the differences you can see the picture.