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2004-12-02 04:34:00

December 1, 2004 10:23 AM

I just returned from the Internet café, plus a short stop to flirt with the girl in the bookstore and buy a good map of Morocco. This bookstore that I does not sell English books, does not sell an Arabic Map of Morocco…?

She thought it strange that I asked, but to me, this seems arrogant on my part to in anyway assume that the Moroccan people would not make a map using their own language. Nonetheless, I have one in French or English I am not sure, but this will have work. I need the Arabic one to show taxi driver and camel drivers.

I am in an exceptionally good mood as my web site had over 7000 visitors yesterday and this broke a record, but the day before it broke 6000 visitors for one day. Now that with my contextual advertising, I am whooping for joy and can upgrade from the minus two-cockroach hotel to the minus one.


I was talking from the second floor to the first floor with one of the girls that were leaving that is a Peace Corp Volunteer when an older French woman came out and told me to be quiet, she said, in English that was good.

“Be quite, there are people sleeping.”

I said,

“What time is it?”

She said,

“It does not matter people kept her awake all night.”

I was quiet and gave a hang signal to the girl downstairs with my translation of what I though and it was not the normal one, but a rare and very seldom used one.

Nonetheless, I was laughing at a person at

10:00 AM in a cheapie hotel complaining about noise, as this is on the top of my list of things I hate about travelers. They stay up all night partying and then want the whole world to understand their personal problems. 10:00 AM outside of a dorm room or even in a dorm room is acceptable time to say…

“Wake UP.”

I suppose any earlier and it is getting too early, but still I figure if you live in a cheap hotel then expect cheap noises. Funny though you can go to the five star hotels and still have extreme annoyances, or probably four and below, five is pretty high.

I am under the impression that I am in one of the exclusive Hotels for this area and this is the problem, I am having seeing excessively many people that want nice services in this hotel. There is a lady that comes everyday to sign up people that want to rent cars, this is the first time in my travel life that rental car companies have came to the hotel, tours a lot, but rental cars, no.

What is even more crazy is when the 5 dollar a night people want a wake up call in the morning, like they are living in a 5 star hotel. This is provided a lot, but I would not want to know the percentage of times the person is not woken up on time. Alarm clock work.


I am not sure, but a few people are complaining about Chickens and noise in the night. The manager conned me into a 80 Dirham single room that is posing as a double, but is really a single and should be costing me 70, but being that Moroccans con on a regular basis I am paying 80, so that is life, but normal for Morocco. However, in his effort to con me he put me in a room that has a very small window that does not face the courtyard. Probably thought I would be annoyed, but I am delighted.

This window allows sun to come in over my shoulder in the bed. I really despise a courtyard window because everyone walks by and look in the window or reach in and steal things. This one has no way to enter from the outside or look in because it is looking at a wall. However, it is also very quiet while the courtyard windows have the Chicken and noise of other travelers problem, they can hear the deck up top when they are partying.

But when I checked the room, it was perfect from so many way and passed my security check except for having a hasp on the outside, but very hard to find in Morocco and is only in maybe one in twenty rooms if that.

In addition, because they do not have a window to look in they do not see the light for reading I have, or the electric hot plate to boil eggs and inadvertently makes my room nice and warm. The do not have plugs in any of the rooms so I am laughing as they assume everyone is behind the eight ball and cannot make a shot… hehehe

Therefore, I am nice, warm, private and happy in my room and quiet, and the French lady has the expensive room, life is about choosing or making good choices and not about money.


Marrakech is definitely a two day and out city, but is a stocking up city, there is nothing to do here but look at people. But is sort of good for buying things you need to stock up, but I will find out tomorrow, I think the newer part may be better to buy staples and better than the Medina area.