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2004-12-11 06:14:00

6:27 AM December 9, 20004

I am in the Picasso’s Corner Backpacker Hostel in Malaga Spain, I just woke up or maybe you would say the world’s noisiest snoring man woke me up. It is a great place, and has a kitchen, common area, NO bar below and is a properly done Hostel. I am not sure, but I believe it has free Internet and breakfast, I am 90 percent, sure, both of these exist, although it is too early for breakfast yet to know and the internet had some problem yesterday.

I booked the room on the internet with Hostelworld.com because I am in constant fear or Europe that I will have to walk around forever to find a room. The Hostel has NO sign presently on the front, so a person has to be very careful when trying to locate this place, but if you ever wanted to enjoy the proper way of having a Hostel and you will not leave Europe. I now know two.

The Barmy Badger at the Earls Court Tube stop or metro in London and the Picasso’s Corner Backpacker Hostel in Malaga Spain.

The address of the Picasso’s Hostel is:

Plaza de la Aduana 2

2nd Floor.

29015 Malaga, Spain

+ which I think is 00 or 00-34 952 21 22 87

or +34 952 21 22 87

Never have been clear on this + mark in front of telephone number and is very Europe central to do it in this way, like an acronym.

The second number is

+34 638730184

picassoscorner At hotmail.com

This is a great place and I have met more people in one night of sleeping here and enjoyed the conversation more than three weeks in Morocco. However, the price European Fare of 17 Euros per night, with is the price I would pay for somewhere between 2-4 nights in Morocco, and I could live in Thailand for a WEEK in a better private room for the same price. Nevertheless, I have never had the Kitchen or camaraderie like this place in Thailand. Therefore, there is an expensive trade off to travel visit. Dorms suck in so many ways, that is the absolute worst part of a Hostel, but a great way to meet people or here bodily functions like the very loud person snoring inside the room.

But the room is a six-bed room and in Amsterdam they had from 18 to 26 people in the dorm room and it was a flophouse hostel for about the same price with no kitchen. I think Amsterdam is very bad for Hostel, but I was told the Flying pig has a kitchen, but as best, I can tell always full. But there is no comparison between Malaga and Amsterdam; Malaga is 10 times more interesting, except the canal and the whore. But that can be seen in less that three hours and get back on the train.

The big sign of a great Hostel is when there are people that stay a long time because they feel they are in their home away from home. The Cat Hostel in Madrid although was organized and somewhat good sucks in comparison to this place and is just a place to party in the end.

Europe is best to come party in and not to me a great place for travelers. A great place to purchase a package tour and avoid at all cost, just not a fun place to be, but better than Morocco. I want to go explore Frankfurt and stay a month there as I am hoping it is the center of Europe and is my last hope to find a cheap city to live in and fly out cheaply. If not I will probably just avoid Europe. I have been here now about 5 times and always want to get back to the good backpacker life in South America or Southeast Asia and leave the stress.

But for sure, I could hang around this Picasso’s Hostel for a few weeks, and the Barmy Badger.

A very excellent proper English girl is managing the place with her boyfriend. She walked me around the place and showed me the kitchen, the showers and explained the setup and made me welcome. This has happened now maybe 3 times in Eight years of travel.

She is what is good about England, and definitely not the slapper version of British girls I normally meet.

Therefore, you have a proper Hostel, managed by a proper British girl complete with kitchen, conversation, color TV and one snoring man in the room, what more could want…. I suppose a single room so I could discuss some other subject would be nice.

Tarifa is Empty presently but the Facundo Hotel in Tarifa could be good fun during a busier time of year and has single room with a kitchen for less money. So better quality of living, but so far not the camaraderie because less people.


Picasso was born in Malaga, but then many places claim things about Picasso, but this place is unique. I am told or found on the internet that Malaga is one of the best places to study Spanish in Spain and this may be true, I would say that Barcelona Spain is the worst place to learn Spanish on the planet because they do not speak Spanish, the speak Catalan.

So Malaga, Picasso, Spanish girls with their pants falling off, a lot of beaches are close I am told and good place.

The Flying Pig in Amsterdam has a age restrictions. If you are over 24 or 28 start to be extremely careful in Europe as they discriminate against age in Hostels of Europe.


8:23 AM Thursday December 9, 2004

Just returned from walking around a large area of the local area looking for a breakfast snack.

The panaderia is closed. (Bread Store)

The local bar is open.

I am in Spain.

Picasso’s Corner Backpacker Hostel is still up for grabs on free Breakfast, maybe they do and maybe they don’t. I do understand that 8:30 in the morning is the time they return from the Bar not the time they eat breakfast. The guy in the Cats Hostel had early breakfast, but he never left the bar and the breakfast was in the bar.

I leave by Taxi at 9:30 if the Aussie gets out of bed that is sharing the taxi. No problem for me as my plane is at 12:55 but he is suppose to catch a place around 10:30.

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