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2004-12-06 13:16:00

Song title, referring to a hobo

King of the Road - A Song by Roger Miller

My parents used to play this song on the new stereo in the house when I was young.


Monday December 6, 2004 11:40 AM

I arrived in Tangiers on the train that left from Marrakech at 9:00 pm. I was lucky that I did not trust the ticket agent in Marrakech as he said the train would leave at 10:00. The numbers in English of everyone in Morocco are always not to be trusted, I must have them write the numbers down constantly and never trust what they tell me.

Will I am back in the Muniria Hotel in Tangiers and it is by far one of emptiest Hotels I have ever stayed in, there are people that sneak in here at night and leave again very quickly without ever seeing them, and I only can hear them. But this is winter and the world is empty in Morocco and for reason I am not sure of the Guidebooks tell everyone to skip Tangiers, I believe it to be a city worth stopping to see.


1. Better and safer to enter a culture slowly, it is dangerous to go headfirst into a culture up to your neck and travel all the way to Marrakech or Fes the first day. If you learn about the culture slowly then there are no new surprise and if for some reason you really are in the wrong place you can leave quickly and not be so far in the country that you cannot leave easily.

2. Tangiers is a PORT and point.

This is the north of Africa and the South of Europe. This location is one of the strategic military locations on the planet. It is for thousands of years been the crossing point for great armies. It is the making of history location and should not be taken lightly in the history of the planet.

3. Tangiers had a good Medina, and is small enough to see the whole things easily. The Marrakech ones is huge and almost impossible to understand how the Fort worked for Marrakech and why. Essaouira is special and great.

4. People get off the ferry jump on a train and end up entering a city at night. This is absolutely the stupidest thing you can do in travel, to enter a city, a culture, the first day at night has got to be like feeding raw meat to lions. You are vulnerable, confused, afraid, unfamiliar and just an easy target. Better to warm up slow in a country and stay in Tangiers for two days, the make a move. Nevertheless, land in the early part of day before 2-3 pm so you can see.

5. If you are in that big of hurry, stay home, your are crazy.


I am going to work on my computer and use the speed and cheapness of the internet here to do some research and publish large numbers or pages. Marrakech was very slow and I can blast out some pages quickly that need published, plus a lot more peaceful here than Marrakech. Easier to walk around and look at culture of Morocco.

Save money and not go to Europe until I have to leave.

Be conservative and make sure I can get to Malaga in one day, stay one night in Malaga and fly to Frankfurt, leave the next morning for Bangkok.