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2004-12-20 19:28:00

I realized last night how much I ignore the Thai people and for the most part do not try to become friends with them. I suppose in reality I have given up on the idea of having some type of friendship with Thai people, but probably just feel they are an annoyance in the way of enjoying a cheap and beautiful country. The land is so beautiful and the people can be so annoying, but I suppose it is necessary.

What happened last night?

A friend of mine came to Bangkok from Khon Kaen. She is a very nice Thai girl and after multiple trips to Thailand I am sad to say the only Thai friend I have. Mr. Joe is a friend, but he is from Burma and really a different culture.

She came to the Sawasdee Smile Hotel where I was staying and by the time they treated her like a prostitute and the Thai people working in the Hotel has done such a good job of treating her with no respect and insulting her, she was so angry that she would not talk with the management of the Hotel. This is about the seventh time I have had the same problem with the Sawasdee Smile and the Sawasdee Inn.

I do understand that maybe 95 percent of the women that come to visit the Foreigners in the Hotel are Prostitutes and Thailand is a country full of prostitutes, but you would think the management could learn to treat people with respect.

I am treated the same, but it is in all hotels in Thailand and why would I care what a Thai person thinks of me? I am sad to say the cost of living is so cheap that I will tolerate there lack of manners or just plain no manners. Like I am a piece of wood that rents a room.

Funny I have realized that I am starting to like the Lady Boys though that work in the Hotels because in their desire to flirt they provide more personal service than the Thai girls. I was going to go and complain this morning to the manager, but after talking to the desk now three times I am sure the manager is the problem.

I find the Thai people have trouble showing really emotional care for other people, but if you see the way they treat the lowest of the class here you would feel they are capable of very atrocious behavior. I spent about two months in Southern Thailand with the Muslim people of Pak Bara and I can say that I had about three friends there. Strange the way the world is?