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2004-12-04 11:29:00

Hello, good fun, someone is making this bathhouse idea clear or explaining a Hammam to me, so this reader explains...

hi Andy,

been reading your site for a week or so... i was the one that suggested

you give the hammam a try! by the way, you are right, arabic words can

be written many ways in our letters - i probably spell some words

differently every time i type

you asked what a hammam is like inside... there are many rooms, some

hotter than others. some are for chilling out in, others for washing.

you usualy get given a couple of buckets on the way in, so that you can

fill up with water from the source, which might be a tap or a bath

looking thing which constantly fills up with fresh water. they don't all

sell soap, so you take your own stuff - i usually go buy some of the

natural soap you can buy from stores selling spices & stuff. they do

usually sell a little mitt thing for giving yourself a good scrub - well

they do in the girls hammams anyway. the massaage is optional. mostly

people give themselves a good rub down with soap and the mitten thing

after the steam has started to make you sweat out all the grime. it

tends to be a fairly leisurely process, with chatting or not depending on

your mood. you keep your pants on retty much all the way through, so

take a dry pair! there's an area for getting dressed again so you!

r clean clothes don't get damp. i know the girl's ones are likely to

be different, so i won't go on. look for 'hommes' on the sign

got a possible contender for your travel sites list...

the guy who puts it together often contributes on your beloved

lonely planet thorntree! he's one of the ones that only answers with real

information though. he knows morocco plenty but has pulled together

other useful stuff on africa - it's a new site so a lot of it is work in

progress. he might also have answers to some of your visa questions

anyway enjoy morocco some more... not sure about the agadir plan -

it's a bit like the benidorm of morocco, but i guess it's still an



I need to go, so far I have not seen a entrance that says Hommes, but I can be exceedingly lazy when not high on my list. Strange though cleaning the body is not obvious.

Wonder why they think in terms of competition or contender?

I think she means to put into my directory.