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2004-12-01 03:00:00

I was reading or am reading presently an internet page by I believe a Norwegian man by the name of Tore Kjeilen thanks Chris from Idaho.

Tore - Writer page

Home Page



Wow, as I am copying and pasting his name to this page, it says this page is copyrighted in 1997, that means this page is probably eight years old and in eight years the world will change a lot, so the situation should be 10-20 percent more modern than what I am reading.

This man, company or web site is simple but concise, and full of the information I long for in a web site, hard to beat this type of intuitive and understanding type or writing…

I was about to say that I would like the Lonely Planet to have some writers that had this mans command of the English language and could explain in a balanced way like this writer. I am not sure and difficult to determine who wrote all of this and what parts are maybe with help, but my instincts tell me that this is written as a project of one man Tore Kjeilen.

This is similar to my web site as 99 percent has my slant on the pages, and this leads to problems and solutions.


The big problem about writing about travel is that you only know how to write about travel after you have traveled everywhere, so because it is impossible to travel everywhere one is prone to be uninformed.

Reading about travel and especially the new form of writing that is only created to sell books and tours does not work, you must travel and you must travel extensively, I am not sure how a person can do this? The money is the problem, you must be already born rich to have the money to learn the planet, but then what happens is they live inside a cloister or box and cannot see outside the five star worlds. I sometime meet individuals that I believe could be immensely wealthy hanging around on the fringes of Hostels and place, but they never will let on to their money situation and they are reclusive in nature and I suppose afraid. Money can be very dangerous for a traveler, as in most countries they kidnap rich people and hold them ransom. Sort of what is happening in Iraq presently and has happened massively in Mexico, Colombia, and many countries, the Kidnap for money business. Kidnapping is not an ideological thing, 99 percent of the time the money is the biggie, and substantiated with a social cause for the press.

But I am positive that what I believe and say today, I will change in the future some, not all, but most will change. The overall observations become clearer each year I travel, and my instinct to understand the underlying truths become better, but like any other traveler when I enter a new country, I am a new person in a strange land.

I suppose my best way of catapulting my advice for those people that do read everything would be for me to read all the travel writing in the world and maybe help choose which ones are good and which ones are bad. I guess I do this on my top travel sites, but still not possible to look at all the web pages in the world. Further of this thought down below.



Wrote I believe and this is only me remembering but not remembering because I am too young a lot of books like how to travel Europe on 5 and 10 dollars a day, although now he has went towards the higher end market he is still by far one of the experts on travel.


1808-92 a British travel Agent that is living on in his death or past as Thomas Cook Inc or something like that and he has travelers checks you can purchase, I would guess his travelers checks are number two after American Express to carry and the Brits all go on his charters and check out his tours and such, although Trailfinders has really taken over in England and StaTravel.


These two writers initially put together comprehensive and thorough books and tours that explained the complete picture, which was and still is amazing to me, tantamount to James Michener writing his Historical Novels with a pen and paper on various countries of the planet.

Mostly they are selling the richer stuff now.

These men knew or understood all variables of travel and could explain in simple terms the whole world of travel or a continent.


I have a yearly top travel site thing, I think I have done it for four years now and will be five; I am not positive and hate to sit around checking on information of no importance. Nevertheless, I have chosen yearly after the fact or after the year am over the web sites that have popped or came into my world and knocked me side the head.

That does not mean I go searching for good sites, they must find me, the rational for that is there are very few people like me, that are actually traveling, that actually go into internet cafes, that actually have a specific travel problem, like for instance.

How do I get from Marrakech to Ad Dakhla Morocco?

Then I search on the internet for the answers.

Do I find the answers? No, a little, but a guidebook is a lot better because it will or feels and obligation to help tell these answers. But like now I have just the abbreviated part of the Lonely Planet and it does not even have Essaouira in it, and it seems to say, stay in Marrakech and smoke dope, Morocco is dangerous so be a tourist. I am here in Marrakech and trying to buy Lonely Planet Morocco in English, I have no been able to find any in English, only in French, so I have purchased a French / English dictionary to make it possible to buy the guidebook in French. I can now empathize with the French when they go traveling and all the guidebooks are in English.

Therefore, I go into an internet café, search for answer and find very little, in the end it is the combination of

1. Internet Search with

2. Guidebooks

3. Studying the Maps

4. Other travelers I bleed for information and

5. Lonely Planet Thorntree or Frommers Forum

But there are still some good web sites like the one by this Tore person, but he is only really good for North Africa unless I do not know something.

Tore - Writer page

Home Page



The world would be perfect if we already knew all the answers, and then we would not want to know all the answers because the fun is in finding the answers.

Nonetheless, I spend time each December trying to choose or remember sometime what I think are the best web sites, so I will try to work on that this month. This I hope helps travelers make better judgments and they can use and if they BUY from any of these web sites they are apt to have better luck. The internet is in many ways becoming a big fraud on buying and the world’s greatest source of information, but the selling on the internet is mostly swindles. Hard to find true value for what you want to buy, I am amazed at the Airplane ticket crap. The student ticket airfare ticket industry is full of operators selling student discount tickets that are five time the normal cheap fares. Then the student do it to themselves because they all think they are smart enough to buy on the internet and get the cheap tickets, the part they lack is the knowledge of what is a cheap ticket?

So here are my Top Travel Site pages and if you have any WORLD class sites, and not just your USA or Airplane tickets between New York and London flights sites then send your recommendation, there is only 30 more days until the end of the year.

Normally the best sites are easy to find, but not always true. I am working hard to make a directory the last few days on all the 800 plus World Heritage sites so people can find them in, the United Nations in all their brilliance hires the techies with too many brains and not any marketing skills, so hopefully my new section on my web site will lead you astray… oops, not the idea, just a joke, internet sites are distracting, confusing and difficult to understand and mine is the most confusing in the world to me and to you I am sure, but normal.


Top Travel Sites of 2003

Top Travel Sites of 2004 - Work in PROCESS

Send suggestions by submitting comments below this heading.

Note for those very curious, look at the titles of all these pages and you will see if you look in the top left of the computer screen there is the title:

“UNESCO World Heritage Centre - World Heritage List”

On every one of them and never changes, what it should be for people to find better is the names below for each title, the title is the number one importance in my book for how to make a page found. Note for the really really too curious, I think this page was made by the French, I am still checking but it appears so, and the page is newly reformed or changed is in a techie world spectacular, but in a marketing world it a 4, but once you are on this field of dreams you are there, but extremely hard to find, ergo the reason for me trying to help them by making 800 pages. I will send the link when I am done and put also on this page:


All the World Heritage Sites in Morocco


Portuguese City of Mazagan (El Jadida)

Medina of Fez

Medina of Marrakesh

Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou

Medina of Essaouira (formerly Mogador)

Historic City of Meknes

Archaeological Site of Volubilis

Medina of Tétouan (formerly known as Titawin)

Time to take a shower, I have a visitor today.