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2004-12-11 06:17:00


I will go hunt now for an electrical plug before my computer is completely dead, there is the possibility I could work for the next four hours on my web site if I can find a plug, I feel a little productive and my page is ramping up, so I have some needs, not wants to perform on my site.


Thursday November 9, 2004 10:07 PM

I just went through the passport control and they checked by boarding pass here in Frankfurt, this is the area I call the no mans land, when you have 90 percent left the country, but are still in the country. The passport says you have left, but you are still waiting for the plane.


This morning I flew from Malaga to Mallorca changed planes then came to Frankfurt, this went off great and easy to say that was easy and good services. No hassle from them on weight of bags or problems.

I am flying out from Frankfurt to Bangkok for 242 Euros with:

I had weight problems and I have no solution. The small carry on bag weighed more than my big bag, and I need to take a lot of weight out of my small bag and move in to the big bag to balance the weight properly. I would need good scales outside of the airport or in the airport to weigh my bags properly. I was very luck I had my hunting vest though as I put that on and it had at least 3-4 kilos in the jacket, but did not count because it was clothes and the woman really did not want to charge me.

I was laughing later; I suspected she was from somewhere in Asia so I as here if she was German and she said, but then politely said,

“But my mother and father came from Indonesia.’

I said,

“Great I hope to go there in the next month or so.”

So we chatted and discussed this as she proceed to say my bags were overweight, but then she said,

“It very cheap, only 8 Euros per kilo, so you are only 6 kilos overweight, only 48 Euros.”

Now, a German saying this is maybe understandable, but a half-life away from Indonesia where maybe 25 percent of the population may make less than that per month is ironic. In the end, the hunting jacket saved me 75 U.S. Dollars or about 48 Euros.


Hippie is usually angry, although the ideal is more like peace child this girl on the plane with eight piercing and seven small tattoos and every part looking happy and wonderful talked with me on the leg between Mallorca and Frankfurt. She is in the process of driving with her boyfriend from Germany to Morocco when she needs to fly home for a funeral. So she did the cheapy flight to Frankfurt, while I paid 107 she only paid 29 Euros so she did better.

But she was 22 years old, curious and very happy, but full on happy and she said she her heart was in India. I enjoyed this girl immensely and is what the concept of hippies and counter culture should represent. For instance, she did not eat meat, but did not just heave the meat on her plate but offered it to me, no judgment no lecture just you do what you do and I do what I do. Live and let live. Great energy.