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2004-12-08 05:12:00

There is sometime a compulsion, as if I have an obligation to tell someone how stupid a place or situation can be. I am on the boat of ferry finally going from Tangiers to Algeciras. I am amazed that they would allow any of these people to leave the country. It is like I am with a group of bomb victims and they all decided to flee to another country. We are leaving Morocco and entering Spain, in a normal world, on a normal planet there would be large numbers of Spanish speaking people returning to Spain, or they would be venders, smugglers, or buyers of products from a cheap country going to an expensive country.

It appears that somehow, everyone on the boat got a passport to go to France, my guess is none of these people are going actually to Spain, but on their way to France, whether by marriage, or finagling they are going to France to live, I do not blame them.

What I feel when I leave, a country is a signal of my true feelings about a country, while in a country you try to tell yourself… This place is good, I like this place, and you try to accept where you are and why you are there. What I am feeling now is sadly. Wow, thank God I am out of there. Morocco has to be high on my list of countries that I have no reason to return. I suppose Venezuela and Morocco are now tied. I really have no reason to go back to either accept with a date, I will have to have built in company and friendship that I carry along to go back. There is not even pretty French girls in Morocco and for sure this is a French colony similar to South America or Central America is Spanish, Morocco is French, but this is a one way street, nobody from France is going to Morocco on the cheap. I think they know something I do not know.

I was waiting in line for about one hour while I waited to get my passport stamped to leave the country. There was a constant inquiry by police of government officials wanting to know if I would pay to go faster or give them a bribe. Their English is non-existent so I followed the line.
While in the line there was a very nice French girl, but really she was a Moroccan girl that now had a passport to France, and thinks of herself as European, but she is three-quarters Moroccan and a little French, although she says she is not Islamic or Christian I would bet 100 dollars her parents are presently on the floor praying.

She is trying her best to speak English and I do appreciate this tremendously as I try to assure myself I am actually getting on the right boat, as everyone is more intent on getting a bribe from me, then trying to help. This has got to the worlds most F(*ked up border crossing, up there with Vietnam as competition. Ooops, the French have their nose in both of them countries.
Well the girl is trying to be helpful and she is great, I am laughing as she keeps saying everyone in Morocco speaks English and she does not speak English, but she thinks the world Speaks English and she is bad. Her English is very good for Morocco and this country is on the absolute bottom of the totem pole of English skills. But why would they learn English? Thank God, they learn French and they all want to go to France, they do not even learn Spanish they learn French. Good job France, I appreciate this, as this country needs to go to France.

In Iraq when I was there they spoke about eight time better English than here and the were 20 time more honest and polite.

The French girl said,
“Lots of Europe goes to Cuba.”

I started laughing,
“Yes, Cuba is a sex tourism place.”

She was trying to explain the exotic places maybe French people go, and Cuba is exotic but not a good reputation. It is like a German saying they are going to Thailand, you always have to wonder what they are up too.

Thailand and Cuba are huge Sex tourism places, but I think Thailand is simple and cheap to enter and travel around, while I do not know Cuba, I heard many bad things about the corruption and double system in Cuba.

Therefore, I am still missing something about Morocco. I think in the end none of Europe will go to Morocco. They would say,
“Why would I go to Morocco?”
Not that they are going to explain, like a gentlemen agreement to not say what they think

So Bon Voyage, the boat is only one one-half hours leaving later than I expected and I am only hoping we start to move. This is a total stupid situation. I am so happy to be out of Morocco and soon out of Europe. I could guarantee if I have to travel or live in Europe I would go home and never leave the country.

Then you have South America and Thailand, where life is easy and cheap.

OH yes, if you wished to smuggle a backpack size bomb into Spain or Europe you can pay a bribe or just walk in, nobody is watching.