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2004-12-17 20:00:00

Saturday December 18, 2004 1:58 AM

Alex Garland refers to stocking up on Magi Soup or something like that in the book “The Beach,” although I have not seen Magi Soup in Thailand and only in India, (He may be taking the P) it is like a cup of soup.

The more I travel the more I am sure that Alex understood the whole picture and the movie was just a comedy of sort as he make fun of what he is trying to sell to the public to earn some money.


Still adjusting to the time difference between Morocco and Bangkok, so I am sitting in the restroom typing on the computer. I came to visit a friend and unfortunately, the places are small and there is nowhere to hide from the other person, so to type in quiet and not disturb my friend, I must go to another room. I am in a dorm room with two people; a dorm room is good to meet people, but not a place for privacy. I remember in Siem Reap I shared a room for a night with this girl and ended up typing inside the toilet. I have done this a few times in Europe in the Hostels, as there is almost nowhere to find that is empty.

Sharing a room is difficult and both people must have the same habits or they will disturb each other in a one-room hotel room. There is no place to hide from the other person and you cannot really leave the room and type or work on a computer as this is just an invitation to be robbed. Nothing is open in the poor countries very late and the world if full of drunks, so the best place is in the toilet.


It looks like I will be spending Christmas in Bangkok an maybe make a jaunt to Koh Samet for some beach time after Christmas or just before.