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Ayutthaya Thailand North of Bangkok

2004-12-24 17:41:00

6:41 or 7:42 AM December 24, 2004

I am at the:

Historic City of Ayutthaya and Associated Historic Towns.

This is a Unesco World Heritage Site and finally I am getting into the hang of things. Eight years of travel and you would think I would be clear on how to find things of interest. The guidebooks can be a distraction sometimes and is not a help, for sure, they prioritize the value of places different from me. I realize daily that the guidebook is to be used after you know why you are visiting a place, and not before.

For instance if I wanted to go to the beaches of Thailand then I would go read the Guidebook to find beaches.

If I want to go to Buddhist Temples would go read about this.

Etc and so forth, but you need to know what you want to do…?

I have a list of things to do when you travel on this page.


I have finally decided to look at the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites before I start to meander around the country because for me, but not everyone they would be the best or top things to visit in a country.