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2004-12-05 01:41:00





In Morocco ADSL should stand forA Darn Slow Line as I am sitting here in the internet cafe for hours on what is described as ADSL. It is 7:55 am only me a lone cockroach that likes the heat of the computer is inside the internet cafe. Normally I would blame this on 20 computers on one line, but this is more like a normal dial up line and not high speed.

Different computer every day.

Computer keyboard in French or non querty or whatever.

Sticking keys

Islamic girls arguing with some man. Morocco people are always arguing.

Computer chess played by traveling the planet.

Oh, yea some Japanese person got onto and changed the language to Japanese, and I cannot find where to change it back to English. It works ok though with Japanese navigation.

Copy and paste adds funny characters in Bloc Notes, and I can not find the dash.