Me jumping on top of the search.. Titles!

I am going to take photos I hope soon of the wind surfers, kite surfers, and the surfers, plus a few fisherman with long fishing poles. The beach is really cold, but very nice. A very good beach, but not enough bikinis.

I was thinking that I really have no idea what other bloggers do, and that is why I claim ignorance. I am not sure how to use the RSS feed of my own blog, and to me this is a Travelogue. I am more or less and expert at how to get in and high on the list, but in reality I am just Joe Blow traveling the planet and looking at girls. Grateful I do not drink or do drugs, or for sure I would be dead by now.

People keep asking if I am going to Morocco to smoke hash?

I really hope there are more reasons to go to Morocco than to smoke Hash.

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