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2004-11-01 05:54:00

I have the ability to see where visitors come from to my HoboTraveler.com site.


Good or maybe bad this has become somewhat daily habit for me, I go and see how many people are visiting my site and then see where the came?

This is fun and sometimes the pages that have links to my site are fun, very strange group out there in the world of Internet Webmaster. Plus it is good fun to see how people talk about me as sometimes they make me an expert, sometime the make me a philosophers, sometimes a photographer, and on and on. Sort of a uncensored ability to see how people perceive my site.


I have found traffic coming from this site a couple of time, but before you click on it, I want to say that the guy is nuts. He wrote me and started to tell me why the mass grave I looked at and photographed in Iraq was not true. I tried in the first email to say that this was not a funny thing and that it was extremely real, then he proceeds to start on the conspiracy theory of all life. Then more or less he started to say I was a liar. So being that there are lots of crazy people out there that email me, I just stopped this stupid email correspondence.

He was already prejudice and was searching for his own answers and not the truth.



I have discovered that liar never trust people, because a liar know what they would do, they would lie. It is hard for a liar to believe that everyone is not like them.

This is a funny link that lead to my site, it is sad to me that some photos and a story that I cannot hardly think about without starting to cry could be so abused, or misconstrued in the name of some misguided need.

I have no idea why Journalist and people want to do this, and really do not care. Truth has a way of winning over lies, and eventually the truth prevail. I am unfortunately a witness to a mass grave. I cannot say for sure anything, it was obviously a place where something evil happened. Can I say that Sadaam did it, I am not sure, but it takes power to kill that many people.

Are there bodies under the clothes photos I took?

I feel 99 percent sure, why?

Because this place was only discovered by me and Peter because our Taxi driver was told by a translator the location and he talked with multiple neighbors to the location until we finally located this. It was an un-marked grave site, nobody but the diligent could find this site.

As for the people that believe this is all conspiracy.

I am 100 percent sure, not 99 percent sure that the people of Iraq hated Sadaam and we are they liberators. Do they want to control their own country? Of course, that is normal human desire, so they want us to finish our job and leave.

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