I am here in Tarifa, Spain in a rotten internet cafe in the center of the fortress part of Tarifa. Today is Saturday and my normal cafe is closed.

I am told Sunday Ramadan is done, does that include Sunday or are they fasting on Sunday?

I read this story and it is missing a big detail. Where is this city?

The distance across is about 8 miles I have calculated from Tanger to Tarifa by water.

I do not like read articles that are suppose to tug on my heart strings, and I am here wondering where, when, what etc. I would like some good journalism!

I wrote Steve and 5 dollars says he does not respond.


Oops, I need to say more or at least a friend says so... French

The implied stuff gets lost in Translation.

I wrote Steve to ask hime,

¨Where is this city?¨

Nothing big, because if he is busy, then better to give him a quick question and hope for answer. I know what happens to me when people ask 20 questions, I procrastinate.

Note the computer keyboard yesterday would not work, so impossible write in detail.

That is my excuse, and I sticking to it. (A song)

He wrote this... ARTICLE on the Internet

Desperation in Morocco

Friday, November 12, 2004

Commentary by Steve Harrigan


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