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2004-11-12 12:16:00

Some other travelers entered the Hostal, we all seem to be waiting for Ramadan to end. I think the USA should learn from the French and German about colonization and how to be imperialistic. The USA just does not know how to convince a country to like what they get.

I want to ask the Philippine girl if her passport will allow her to travel easily? Hard to imagine a Philippine girl being able to go anywhere without visa upon visa as she moves.


Kerouac, Jack (1922-1969), American writer, who was the first to use the term Beat Generation. Writer of book “On the Road.”

The other day a person told me on the phone that my writing style reminded him of Jack Kerouac. I have read the book “On the Road,” and thought it not so good, but he is considered an important writer, although I think he was sort of Lenny Bruce of writing, breaking normal conventions and making you like it.

I do write a bad as Jack Kerouac, I would agree, but I am just writing and talking to myself, and some people just are listening over my shoulder.


I am in one of my normal concrete rooms on the planet. I am leaving all three lights on so that the light bulbs can heat the room a little. Time to go south for the winter.


I am having a small problem with the management of the Hostal or Hotel here, and the first in 8 years of travel. I normally can convince the management and cleaning people to NOT clean my room. This makes me feel safe from the little fingers of cleaning ladies and their thieving ways. But here in the Hostal Facundo the girl is persistent, sometime Hotels are persistent because they want to check or manage the residents. Maybe they want to know if I am violating the rule about not cleaning my clothes in the lavatory or bath…

Busted. I am washing my clothes in the lavatory in my room.

But they also are want to change my sheets and make my bed. I am negotiating poorly on this issue and they have successfully change my sheets and made my bed twice. I tell the girl not to do this, and she does it anyway… But here the kicker.

She took MY towel yesterday, not the Hotels towel, but my towel and in typical Latino manner, no importante, I keep telling them that

Tu Tienes mi Toalla!

No esta tuyo, esta mio.

Now I remember. The word to have does not translate the same. I am going to have to say I am the owner of a Towel.

I cannot say,

“I own a towel.”

Because the world to own is not a verb as best I can explain or understand Spanish.

Dueño is OWNER

Propietario is maybe in some ways to own, but more like Proprietor of the Towel.

I have not told three separate people and I think my towel is taking a tour of the bodies of other residents of the Hotel. I am going to have to be sneaky or steal two of their towels, as they have taken a very good towel of mine and all I have is minus one star towels. I do have two towels, but the cleaning lady did not see this, or did not care. Caring about these type of issue is sort of German type attitude, but I do like Sericio y I am wanting my towel.

Issues issues issues Life if full of small wars.

Maybe it is time to go to step two towel strategy. I have been speculating about starting to use a 2 meter long and 1 meter wide piece of cotton cloth for a towel. I figure it would be very think material and would dry faster because of more surface area exposed to the air and less interior thickness. I also could use better as a sheet or light blanket. Towels do not make good blankets unless you do not shower!

This would be like a sarong or a longy, but of thicker material.

So the great American / Spanish Towel wars started in Tarifa, Spain.

Yo quiero mi toalla!


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