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2004-11-16 07:05:00

Brave moments in Tangiers, Morocco, not what you think!

12:16 Tuesday November 16, 2004

I have settled into the Muniria Hotel in Tangiers, Morocco, which has an eerie feeling of memories. Whose memories I am not sure, but somebody surely remembers this place.

My brave moment came when I plugged in my one-cup coffee cooker and waited….

? Will it blow a fuse or not?

I believe the electricity in this country is ok, but the guidebook has me afraid to move, I am 95 percent sure the guidebooks writers have never been in a dodgy country in their life, but to be on the safe side I must trust him or her until I am sure my instincts are correct, this is modern.

Success, no fuses blown, no breakers broke, no little fuse wire melted, I have electricity for my computer and one cup coffee cooker. So I am sitting here typing away drinking instant coffee and freezing. This place is not warm, but the room is big and spacious, has a douche and no toilet, but has a shower. For some reason the toilet is down the hall, but there is a douche in the room, I am not sure I understand and will need the help of the French to unravel this mystery.

So I am one douche ahead of my room in Tarifa, Spain.

So why memories here?


William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac stayed in this Hotel; I am splurging and lying around soaking up the vibes, hoping I catch some form of literary fever.

Both these boys are famous or infamous writers of the Beat Generation and probably drunks and drug addicts hanging around in Morocco to save on cash as opposed to Europe, complicated and confusing, but then again they were here maybe in the 60’s, and this is 2004. I am ex-drunk so maybe I am in the right place, however who knows for sure?

More information on Jack and Bill.


I am disappointed I was expecting some form of voyeuristic pleasure of seeing the down and out, and so far, I have just had very well mannered taxi drives and those nice Islamic guys in long skirts helping me, of course, they are all trying to give me expensive advice, but so what? Same as Europe and they make you feel guilty when you think the prices are out of whack. My taxi cost me three Euros to the Hotel and I am very glad I did not walk, as it was not a short walk, it was a trek. So I am in the Hotel, have gone back to my leisure life of Taxis and cheap hotels, and am officially I believe in Africa for the first time.

I am so glad to know I do not have to exercise any more in Europe. My backpack weighs 35 kilos, about 70 U.S. pounds, or maybe more really, and is not something you want to carry, and Europe is the worst place on the planet for luggage, you are walking 80 percent of the time…

To the bus.

To the Hostel.

To the train.

To anywhere and anything you want to see, you have to walk. I like the taxi for 1 or 3 dollars the rest of world has. Europe, USA, and the other expensive countries are too much exercise. I will admit in the USA you do not have to walk, but the USA is impossible to travel enjoyably without a car, you NEED a car. But I am getting 99.99 percent sure you need a car in Europe if you really want to see the place.

Lots of cars were on the ferry from Tarifa to Tangiers and it looks like it is possible to drive through Morocco. However, Tangiers may really be part of Europe culture and I need to go south to see where one culture stops and the other starts.