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2004-11-10 04:10:00

To continue....

I am not rich, but am starting to upgrade from the 3 dollar room to the 5 because of a new type of advertising on pages. Plus other advertisers of which I am forever grateful to have. My life is perfect.

But the internet cafe...

Opens at 10

closes at 1

opens at 5

and closes at 8

In some cheap countries they are open 24 hours, like Manila, Philippine, and in the modern countries I spend all my time and money trying to get some work done because they are too clever.

I can only send 10 emails at a time through their system or it blocks them.

Verizon in the USA blocks everything so I can only write online.

Why am I telling you all of this.... I am out on the road, and not sitting behind some super charged computer eating bon bons, I am eating egg sandwiches I can cook in the Hotel. The Facundo Hostal .. that is spelled correctly...! In Spanish the word for Hotel is Hostal, and it is not a Hostel, but has a kitchen, so I think this is better than the stupid flop house Hostels of Europe that have a bar down below.

I always working and having to do the work twice because the computer break, or they close, or the time goes off, and it reboots itself. That happened in Madrid. Life is not as simple as some of you sitting around eating bon bons think.

So do I care about comments. I cannot be bothered! I like the helpful comments, and the ones that want to add to the situation, but the majority are just lost and clueless individuals. Your comment is great and that is why I am answering it. Because it is basically what people think the normal blogger wants. The normal blogger want to be famous. That is why the blogger.com has a profile place to put our picture. I want to have more than my share of hobo money, and not more. I do not want some dingaling coming up to me in Tarifa and saying hello, because he or she wants to saddle up to famous. Fame is curse, I do not have my photo on the site, and when I make a mistake, I try to remove it.

I want enough money to travel.

I like to travel more than I like to Blog.

I have never kept a journal or diary, or whatever you want to call this, until I went to Iraq and thought I was creating or making original comments. There are not many travelers that go to Iraq. I try to stay on the cutting edge of travel and adventure, and not on the armchair of life.

So if people want to comment and add something to life... GREAT.

If they want to be mean, then let the world know there are mean people in the world and the Holocaust can happen again!

If people want to ask questions, that is OK, and expected.

I am making enough money to pay for the internet and life is good.

Wish I had a girl to travel with me sometimes for companionship, but I can not complain, my life is great and thank all the good Gods of the world.

Note. I put Tarifa as the title, because that will probably put me up in the top 5 pages of google.com in a few months. Just some webmaster info.

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