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2004-11-11 11:06:00

This is probably out of order, but would you tear out pages in your diary to correct it, just the way things are…? Imperfect world and imperfect people that creates a perfect place.

Wednesday November 10, 2004 8:31 am

I am in Tarifa, Spain the southernmost point of Europe, as normal for me when I arrive, and very seldom, but sometime before I go to a destination I look up the name in my Encarta Computer Encyclopedia. There is probably nothing more useful and valuable than this Encyclopedia. In a world full of disinformation and liars, this is an oasis of knowledge and truth for me.

I include guidebooks in the liar pages and would include my own site and newsletters in the not so good categories. Let me think on how I would classify information I receive?

( I am realizing that the blog interferes with the newsletters, I need to go finish my newsletter, and I will come back to this later, there is only so many hours I will type in a day, and then I stop.)

I am back

Thursday November 11, 2004 4:20 PM


- Lies - Pre-mediated

- Person lying but does not know they are lying.

- Naïve and read the guidebook and did not check.

Thus they repeat the same gossip over and over.

- Save the world - Full of prejudices and rage over

somehow or where they was not loved as a child.

- Opinions collaborated with shady or crap,

VERY common in Guidebooks and web pages.

- Facts that are really opinions and should keep


- Opinions take it or leave it… BEST

I hope this is me! But maybe I am delusional.

- Facts collaborated with good research but failed to find the real picture because they lived inside the resort and were surrounded by experts.

- Facts through painstaking research. This is NOT common, and only done for an encyclopedia or dictionary.

But what would life be without a great big daily rationalization for why we did or not do something?