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2004-11-07 00:58:00

Dear Andy,

Yes it's getting cold now everywhere...

If you want an advice : wait until ramadan is over to go to marocco,

because it's a real mess.

You have a nice place in spain, call Tarifa. it's a little town on the

souht of spain, and from there, you can take a ferry to tanger.

Lot of people don't know this solution, everydody goes to algeziras,

but Tarifa is nicer. It's plenbty of surfers and bio-bars with fruits

juices, you see what I mean ?

For marocco : nice beaches are in the north, of course, but sun is in

the south, after the atlas, around ouarzazate.

the temperature is 27° C during the day, but 12 when the sun is down.

Yesterday : big storm...

Hope I can see you if you stop by in marrakech.