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2004-11-30 04:37:00

Go down this alley or street...

Normal small street leading to cheap hotels of the main Champs wanna be.

Say hello to the boys drinking Chai or Tea or really I do not know what they are drinking and enter the door to their left. Look at sign above door please.

This is a BATHHOUSE or Hammam in Arabic I believe, I did not enter.


I am either too observant or too curious in how people behave and act in the world, but I have discovered the first…

One person showered in my hotel.

I am on about day 12-15 in the country of Morocco, I am not sure, and the only way to know is to get up and check my passport for stamp date.

I met two Dutch surfer boys that went to the Hammams and had the massage and shower I hope for 60 Dirhams or about 6 U.S. Dollars.

Jennifer the Canadian Ontario girl I met up stairs on the deck said she went to the Hammams after a week of not showering in the desert up in north Morocco towards Algeria. She said it cost 7 Dirhams, which is reasonable, and about the same price, I pay at the Hotel in the end, but I think the Hotel shower is closer. My friend Nathan from the USA who is pretty pacifistic and thinks Bush is a liar, so does not like Bush however he now wants to militarize the United Nations to enforce the and enforce number 7 of United Nations decisions and settle a dispute down in South Morocco over the desert area, something to do with oil from Algeria and tribal people fighting. Blah blah blah etc. He is a student studying here in Morocco and quite intelligent for 20 years old. I could not stop myself when in his studies he derives that United Nations makes a decision and a demand, and then does nothing to enforce it… I said,

“That is what Bush said about Iraq.”

He is pretty smart and will slowly in my opinion separate his desire to be part of the gang or social click that likes to be Anti-Anything of power and what is really the deductive truths of the world and not decisions made because you like or dislike a person.

Nathan lives across the alley from me and he says they have removed the handle off the hot water shower so there is no way to turn on the hot water; he has a desire to have his Leatherman knife pliers.

I heard one person showering in my hotel. Day 12-15



Words are like a hobby for me, I enjoy learning about words, where they originated, and how and why other people on my planet will use a word and have no idea of the meaning. I do realize that learning is imitation of other in so many ways, but hard to realize or is it possible at a stage in our life we stop being parrots and repeating words until we contextually understand them and start to try to research the words.

I have already made up my mind I am going to soon make a subcategory under my language sections that is for word you need to know to visit a country. Maybe I can title the section


Too long


I want urgency of a need, they need to learn these word quickly or they will feel stupid or have to pretend, which is more normal that they understand the words when the do not.


That would make them feel like the must learn them…





I will have to come up with a short title, then I will make a submit page for all the 300 plus countries or territories etc. of the planet.

Example for you people that like to think too much similar to me.

The words for Morocco would so far for me be:

I have learned:


Souks I still do not know what this is?



I already knew these words, so did not feel stupid with them.





This is just an extension of a tip I wrote a couple of years ago about the top 200 words or a cheat sheet for languages.

If you say, you understand and know a culture and you cannot speak the language of that culture or explain the nuances of the words in that culture, then…

You know nothing!

OK, so back to the word Hammams

Note: Alex Garland said, OK is the most known word in the world and he is correct, up there with Hello when answering the telephone and Coca Cola.

I am wanting to study the world Hammams and also trying to avoid some smart A#$ person writing me mean letter telling me how I do not know how to spell Arabic words. This is the problem this is probably but I am still not sure an Arabic word, therefore when we translate the word to English it is spelled in multiple ways, and English is not the number two language or language of travel in Morocco, the language of travel in Morocco is French so you need to know French to travel in Morocco therefore … ergo that is the reason why there are very few English speaking travelers. This place presently is about 80-90 percent Frenchies.

I feel a person need to educated the Hotel staff on how to say,

“Hello” in English, they are just plain stupid when it comes to the basic ability to say Hello to 20 percent of their clients. Although for sure I am in the Lonely Planet English ok hotel and not the rest where the Routards the French guidebook would recommend.

NOTE TO SELF… If I want to meet French girls, I need to find out the popular with the backpacker hotels recommended by Routards, and then go be an ignorant and helpless American in the midst.

Everyone that speaks French will say the Moroccan people all speak English, but trust me, they are on the bottom of the world scale of tourist industry type places or destinations for English, they speak better English in France or Montreal and they try their best to ignore that they can speak English or know English.

Therefore, what do I do when I want to spell check a word that I am writing or trying to use?

First, I go see:


The guidebook does normally adopt the most common way to spell the word, and the people that write me have probably read the guidebook more than they researched the word, so they assume this is the correct way to spell the word in English and heavens know the Lonely Planet is always correct and there is no way there is an other or better opinion…. Aagh surrounded by a Lonely Planet!

However, I do use the Lonely Planet all the time because I understand the format and it is easy and probably still the best, except for South America.

I looked under

Danger and Annoyances

Nothing on Hammams

Society and Conduct

Nothing on Hammams - This is where they should say, if you want a shower?


Moroccan Arabic

Nothing on Hammams

But I did learn the word to call the language here is Darija

Which is a great word to add to the 200 to know - Darija

Darija means Moroccan Arabic or I would ask,

Darija o Frances?

I would suppose I would be asking although I need to test this,

Do you speak Arabic or French?

I already knew in the guidebook under:

Where to Stay

They mentioned how there was showers or Hammams down the street from many of the Hotel which either do not have shower or do not have hot showers. But please….!

Someone explain what is inside a Hammam, and how do I know what a Hammams looks like?

I have seen about three signs.

1. Looked like a pay through the nose tourist Hammam here in Marrakech because they had a good sign in English.

2. The other was in in Essaouira and I thought it was for the first few days a beer sign.

3. The other says, Hammans Petit Femmes

I am pretty sure that means women or girls, but I probably spelled the French wrong.

So I am still looking for the boys Hammams, and since I am in no hurry, I will eventually figure this out.


Nothing in Microsoft WORKS that spells Hammams however the word Hummus was in there and this is an Israeli food.

HUMMUS: Middle Eastern dip: a Middle Eastern dip made with mashed chickpeas, tahini, oil, lemon juice, and garlic, combined into a thick paste.

Ah, it is the chickpeas that give it that light brown color, so I learn something, but was not planning.



1. Not in English Dictionary

2. Not in English to French Dictionary

3. Not in French to English Dictionary.

I conclude this is not a French or English word, and 90 percent sure this is an Arabic type word.

However, I did find the word in the Encarta Encyclopedia in two places under


Reality is always the most humorous world.



Winsome Torment rose from slumber, rubbed his eyes, and went his way

Down the street towards the Hammam. Goodness gracious! people say,

What a handsome countenance! The sun has risen twice to-day!

James Elroy Flecker (1884 - 1915)

British poet.

The Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse, "The Hammam Name" (Stephen Coote (ed.))


Last of all his shirt came flying. Ah, I tremble to disclose

How the shell came off the almond, how the lily showed its face,

How I saw a silver mirror taken flashing from its case.

James Elroy Flecker (1884 - 1915)

British poet.

The Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse, "The Hammam Name" (Stephen Coote (ed.))


There is always talk about bathhouse and Gays and in England if my memory serves me right they have close a lot of public toilets because of too many problems with the Homosexuals inside the toilets. So the only factual or educational type references is the about Homosexuals going to a Hammams and for sure that was my first thought when someone mentions bathhouses or Hammams.

I made a joke with the Dutch boys.

“So, what do you do in a Hammams, sit around with a bunch of naked men?”

They mumbled…

Later I asked,

“So was it a girl or a boy that gave you a massage?’”

They said,

“A man.”

Then I said,

“Just as I thought, no fun.”

My thought is in a perfect world, in a perfect Hammams some beautiful dark hair, dark eyebrows, light colored eyes with the complete covered body would give me a steamy rubbed down bath, then I would stand there in my swimming trunks and say to myself,

“What is the situation, with or without my trunks?”

I am from Indiana, USA, these are those moments when my Indiana bread and born social ideas of the how to be and how to act in the world gets to negotiate with myself. Travel nothing like travel to make you feel unsure or what to do, and what is correct socially.

So I have seen one person shower in 12-15 days, they need a good scrubbing, obviously and better if they had help and paid, they need help.