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2004-11-14 03:22:00

I just took a 1 hour walk around Tarifa, Spain and like most Latino countries on a bright and sunny Sunday morning they are all either sleeping,

Or going home from the Bar.

Or going to Church.

A few of the bars are still open and I walked by the Grifo, with means in English¨


Like a beer tap, and the place if full of men looking like it is 6 in the evening and they just got off work, but what this did is give me hope. There was a bar I spotted the other day with the internet inside, so I went searching for it, hoping it would be open. Because for sure the rotten internet cafe will not open till 10 o r 12 or never, because I think the girl inside if for sure a party girl.


Go into the arch.

Turn right, then an immediate left.

Go about 20 meters, then turn right.

The rotten place in the left.

Keyboards are messed up, I have been on three of them and three for three the keys do not type when you type. I am somewhere outside the arch and turn left as you leave. There is this food store that must open early and in the back room are computers. Everything is closed, it is Sunday.

I say sinners and saints like a John Steinbeck book.

Cannery Row...

Tarifa has a lot of fish processing places and if the wind is right. It smell of fish, like that fish place in Vietnam I visited.

There are great people like the man at the Desk of the Hostal Facundo that will not stop being very helpful an then his brother that will not do anything, then the lady that cleans my room when I do not want it, but then takes my towel.

In each of us is a sinner and a saint, and everyone complains about the hypocrite that sin and go to church on Sunday, but that is why the go to church, because the sinned.

I saw a very nicely dressed lady walking down the cobblestone inside the walled part of Tarifa... (Through the arch) as I looked at her, I thought, nice of her to go to church on this bright and sunny morning, and they she glassy eyed stared at me and I knew she was going home.

There is one or two great churches down towards the water. I stopped to look and admire, thinking or wondering how old this place was, and a man or maybe a saint stops and tells me about it being some Islamic church before the Romans made it a Catholic Church and then pointed to what I think is another smaller church even closer to the water. He saw I was interested and offered to help, I wish my Spanish worked better in Spain as I speak some form of Mexico - Peruvian strain, and the locals have trouble with my accent.

Life is Good.


READER COMMENTS sent to me - Number one, she live in Morocco.

you don't say what you wrote to Steve... And the link does most say it


Am I cold heart ? his story does not make me cry. I am surprised to read

all the mails he received saying thank you and so on... are people blind

or what ?

READER COMMENTS sent to me - Number one, she live in Morocco.

ok, sorry ! now, I understood what you mean...

First, you tell your answer, and second, you show the link. You have to

be a superior intelligence to get it, Andy. I am not.

Morocco is not what he said. I mean not ONLY. Of course, you can see

horrible things everywhere. Marocco is not a country you try to leave

because it's DANGEROUS to live here. You know why people want to leave

the country ?

Because they only have one thing at home : TV. And what do they see on

TV ? Egyptian Soap Opera which show them stories in beautiful houses,

whith beautiful furniture they can never get. They look at european

model, and say "I want this !" (DVD, Phone, Car etc...) ; let's try to

cross over and life will be better !

Marocco is not India. People are not starving. Some are REAL poor, but

the ones who are trying to escape are running after a commercial,

mercantile (?), dream. It is even not a spirit issue.

That's why I am angry when you see ON TV (how bizarre) these stories

about boat people trying to cross over from Marocco to Spain. Tell me

about Africa, tell me about Cambodge, but not about marocco.


I agree and understand, but people are not starving on the planet as best

I can tell, or at least I have never seen starving people. Cambodge or Cambodia is nice and I do not think there are starving people there. But of course there are poor people in our minds, but then again I do not like to work so I think of them as rich.

Travel and compare yourself to others, you will soon see that money means very little, time, friends, and not working so you have time is important. My friend Joe had 12 children (Catholic)

I said to Joe,

¨How do you afford 12 children¨

He said,

¨Children don´t take money, they take time.¨

I am grateful I had the time to see the morning sun, beach, and Tarifa Spain on my walk this morning, and I am still betting five dollars I get no reply from that Steve Harrigan because.... he is too busy.

So I enjoy my life, and he makes up his life as he goes.

I am doubting that what he says is the truth, but it is controversial and this sells.

I show the link after the answer, so they know what I am talking about it, if I show the link and then the answer they will click and not read. But maybe I will show before and after... hehehe

Keep them confused, they will keep coming back for me.

It would help if I would proof read, but who want to proof read a diary.

Life is Good!

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