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2004-11-30 04:26:00

I have conclude, deduced and inferred that the city of Marrakesh is spelled with a C an not an S, they the correct way to spell this for a long as you want, because there really is not way to spell Arabic words into English.

But I have decided.

IF THE MANHOLE LIDS over the sewers in the city are labeled Marrakech, then that is proof positive that the correct way to spell this is with a C, but being that I have some internet pages, or many internet pages it behooves me to spell the word with and S, so the people of the world that have not concluded positive on how to spell the name, will find this page.


This means I walked around in the old part of Marrakech that is inside the fort walls. I am pretty sure that most cities in Morocco have a Medina and most are surrounded by walls. As are most of the house, they are walled in, and very heavy doors, there is almost no way to look inside a home here except to be invited to do so. This normal in the developing countries, as they still have a highly developed skill of robbery and theft, so therefore everything is tightly closed. In the morning before the streets are full of people or on the walk I just took, I seen streets with no people or color and what you have is a walkway will two wall, and very bleak. The people during the day add color.