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2004-11-17 03:35:00

My Western Christian views of the world is the biggest hindrance of my travels, because I look to western culture to find answers, but the western culture can only explain western culture, and to learn about other cultures of the world I need to ask them. It is difficult to leave the box I am inside, which would be defined as my culture.

I am trying to figure out how to go to Egypt by land from Morocco, and this is interesting, there is reason why a person goes from Morocco to Egypt or better, to MECCA. I had not thought of this, but according to the Islamic religious, they should make a Pilgrimage or Hajj to Mecca once in their life if they have the money and physical ability.

So according to this concept, and being that I am in an Islamic country, there should be some people here that have made the LAND TRIP! Plus being that the land border of Algeria may be closed, there is are two alternative routes, one by water and the other by going to further south to Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya, Egypt, and then to Israel.

I was adding Daniel Boone to my list of explorers on this page.

When doing some more miscellaneous research I discovered this very adventurous explorer from TANGIERS. He started on his Mecca it looks like and went astray.

Everyone ask me how I have enough money to travel, ask yourself how people like this had enough to travel? This is the million dollar question and more difficult for him to travel than for me.

I have a map.


Ibn Battutah (1304-1369?), Arab traveler and author, whose book Rihlah (Travels) is an important source for the history and geography of the medieval Muslim world. Battútah was a Berber born in Tangiers. His full name was Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Battutah. Beginning with his first journey in 1325, a religious pilgrimage to Mecca, he covered some 120,700 km (some 75,000 mi), extending from Spain in the West to China in the East; from Tombouctou in West Africa to the steppes of Russia. His book includes descriptions of the Byzantine court of Constantinople (present-day Istanbul) and the Black Death of Baghdad (1348).


I am not sure what time it is, because there appears there could have been a time change, but the Islamic morning prayers has started and I can hear in the distance a loud speaker system, this is not melodic like the southern Thailand version, more like the Iraq version. Like a raspy talking song, and not a soothing song.


Yesterday they shot off some guns or maybe tried to scare the newly appointed or some type of new leader of Palestine. I said or predicted in my inference that there would be a civil war of sorts as they fight over who will be the next Mafia Boss.


Blaring and very loud just outside my window are very loud speakers, sort of guarantees you feel guilty in the morning, similar to the Buddhist walking around and wanting food or money every morning, or the church bells on Sunday in the Christian religion.

I was going to take the night train to Marrakech, but maybe I take the Marrakech Express if it starts in Tangiers. That means I am staying another night or so, and I do not know where the Marrakech Express starts, I wonder if Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young took this train? Or they just sang a song about the train?

I shall go look up the words on the internet! Maybe there are clues to what was going on in the 60’s, which I am too young to understand.