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2004-11-10 03:41:00

Hello world,

I received this post or comment in my Yahoo Mail account box today:

Andy, arent you surprised, if not perturbed, by the fact that you hardly get any comments at your blog.Are you very rich?

--Posted by Anonymous to Andy HoboTraveler.Com Travel Journal at 11/9/2004 11:04:31 PM


The comments although appreciated are the last thing on my brain. I am trying to get to Morroco and trying to reduce my daily cost of living from 20 Euros or about 25 Dollars U.S. to about 10 Dollars. I am really out here traveling and very fast recently.

I am trying to wash my clothes as these money gougers want...

6 Euros to wash a load.

4 Euros to dry

That is 10 Euros to wash and dry one load of clothes.

My room on the weekly rate is 12 Euros per day!

The internet is 2 Euros per hour, so to answer this cost me about one-half Euro.

The keyboard on this SPANISH computer had the keys for / Ñ and other letters moved to different locations so I have trouble typing. Then people want me to check and double check the spelling. I had to write and send from my mail box the other day and I do not have spell checker on that either.

Basically I am a traveler and not some fat guy sitting around in a room hacking, playing war game, or chatting dirty to some girl on the other side of the plane they can never have. I am on the other side of the planet in some Internet cafe where they could care less I am here. I change computer daily, and never know what the next sand trap is located, the next land mine, or what will happen. I am in the processs of copying photos from my3.5 disk of the Mavica camera to the hard drive of this computer. I have some ASIAN copies of real disk and they are all sorts of problems. I am hoping I do not lose photos. I was very upset when I lost my best Rhino photo in Nepal on a computer.

The world is not a perfect place, and either am I, so in my point of view I should do my best and let the world do what they will do.

PLUS there is a mass lemming problem for blogging. I have only had that comments thing up for the last month or so and that is when people could start to comment. Most comments are anonymous and they take delight in provoking, but I figure people would rather read jerk comments, so I leave them up and do not delete. The internet is an anonymous animal and unfortunately a lot of people thrive on being mean.

I am going to publish this before I lose it, I almost hit the power button with my foot. I did this yesterday.