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2004-11-20 04:56:00

9:54 AM on Saturday, November 20, 2004

I have moved and am now settled into my next Hotel or room, the place is typical cheap country, concrete and light hanging from the center of the 12-14 foot high ceiling with double fold doors. The bed is a double and seems to have clean sheet, no cracks for cockroaches so safe from them, and there is a sink, the walls look like the calcium painted type with enough flaking to know I should not touch or brush them if I want to keep the white off my clothes. The price is perfect at 40 Dirham and 5 for the shower for a net price of 45 Dirham for room and shower, that is about 4.5 U.S. Dollars or maybe 3 Euros, something like that, but in the Medina and in the center of the actions and away from the place I was, which was a lot cleaner and nicer, but nobody there.

Moreover, when I paid, he gave me back 10 Dirham short and then finally I had to go upstairs and get the last 10, but only after, I kept hearing,

Nescafe blah blah blah I could not understand

Nescafe blah blah blah then more French as he discussed with his wife, I had yet to meet here, but as I went up the stairs it was obvious that his wife was giving him a lecture and to me this was silly. He was trying to keep I think and really do not care 10 Dirham because I made coffee or Nescafe in my room.

I really did not even care about the 10 Dirham, but thought I would punish him a little for going or entering my room. Rule number one though with me is if the management enters my room, I leave the Hotel or in this instance a sort of boarding house. So I stayed the night and left.

Hotels do not like you to use electricity and I always turn the light out unless I am testing the management to see if they are willing to enter my room, as a Hotel that will enter your room to shut off a light is not a good Hotel under any condition or situation.

Therefore, the man entering my room was out of bounds and now I am in a cheap and dirtier but probably safer room. This one has a big huge India type lock hasp and bar on it, so I can use my own lock. I feel a lot better and this the reason I chose the Hotel, plus it has some people in it, strangely that is a not easy to find.

Bad part is the one light room has the push and turn bulb and I needed to stand on the table to put my never leave home without this device light / plug adapter into it so I would have electricity.


This little adapter that is a life saver, and I have had it for sale now for about year, and nobody has purchase one, not that I really care, but to me this little device is the absolutely needed electrical device for a traveler an everything else you can buy anywhere in the world, but this one takes special effort. But what do I know? (Sarcasm)