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2004-11-06 11:58:00

I am frustrated and ready for some beach and book time, enough of this Europe crap, time for some easy life. Life is a beach or a cheap country in my mind. I am tired of looking for reservations and trying to find cheap room. I am heading south MUY PRISA

Very fast I will be in Morroco and hopefully a place full of French girls and cheap run down hotels, or just a normal place to live.

IF you know of any Hostel on the Spain side of the Channel or an easy jump to Tanger or Tangiers or however you spell it, send it on...! I am without a guidebook and confused. Oh well, nothing 40 dollars a night for a room cannot solve, but 10 dollars would be good.

40 Dollars is about 12 day in South America or Southeast Asia for me, hard to pay when you get used to some beach hut for 3 dollars a night, something always seems wrong.

I know only tha Morroco is some type of Islamic country. Formerly the French had their nose around there, and as normal the French go and visit former colony areas.... this is good.

I will park it soon and update on my hundreds of photos.

My friend Gabriela said it is better to say,

Hola Guapa

as opposed to

Hola Chica

But she answers both, but say I say Guapa the wrong way.

Chica is girl or maybe like chick or young girl.

Guapa is slang more or less for Beautiful.

I have spent the day roaming around with her and looking at people and building. Buying shampoo, making telephone calls, and walking. Lots of Donar or maybe Turkey food here, I have not seem much Spanish.

The Hostel is nice, and I can say it is one of the better ones. The price in Europe is alway too high for the value in my view. Who wants to pay 15 Euro or about 20 Dollar to sleep in a room with an Argentina girl... ooops, maybe that is good.

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