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2004-11-26 07:30:00

This is sent late...

6:33 AM Saturday, November 27, 2004

I am packing up and getting ready to leave, I am waiting for the sun to rise so I can unhook my convoluted system of having electricity in this room. My room and the hallway outside my room are dark as a cave, so I cannot move without light, and I need to climb on the table to undo the electrical bulb plug system I have hooked up, and I need just a little light.

Essaouira has been good, the Fortress city I have been living is good, the people are ok, the beach is ok, it needs to be summer for this beach to be good, the cost of the hotel is good, but the food and staples cost is way to high. I hope the cost of Restaurants and such here are abnormal because if the normal person has to pay this much for food in the restaurant or market then this country is in poverty, because they surely cannot sell enough of the trinket here to make enough money.

The cost of shoes, shirts, and trinket is about the same prices as the USA if you wanted to buy a not needed T-shirt of shoes, but is half the price of Europe, so I am sure they feel they are in bargain city department store. The price of bread is cheap, but any type of fancy bread or rolls cost the same as the USA. Not the big city prices, but what the normal Wal-Mart prices would be, New York is never normal for the USA in my mind.

I have been staying the Hotel Central in the middle of the Medina or as it says Central. Prices is 40 Dirham if you do not shower, and 5 more to shower, first country in my life where I had to pay for the shower. Bolivia has some places where you have to pay after 4000 Meters, but not the whole country. I think they must stink, there is not enough Hammans or bath houses, and the Dutch boys said they paid 60 Dirhams to go to the bath house, but they got a rub down or scrubbed by person working in the place, I guess I need to go in an explore. I am not big on public cleaning houses, especially when there are bunches of men that want to rub me down and clean me, this to me is strange. Call me Homophobic or whatever you want, but I do not let the boys in these treat-the-women-bad countries to touch me a lot, they are not getting enough hugs in life and often get grabby. In India, it is so bad you have to keep your window closed or the men come and look inside.

Essaouira is definitely worth the time to visit because of the cannons and the Fort on the water edge, not for the beach.

I rented the room here in the Hotel Central for two reasons.

1. It was the only place when I walked in that had some backpackers, I was hoping I would have some people to talk with. I have found that nobody stays in Essaouira more than two days, so it strictly a tourist city and nobody hangs around, not a good ex-pat hangout.


The room I rented had this big hasp or door bar that I can use to lock my room. I use my own lock and nobody can enter. I do not have a window, but some room here have window and they do not lock, this is not good. It also has an upper deck for me to wash clothes and dry, as the clothe washing facilities in Morocco must be wear them till you stink system, because I am now looking for wash my clothes myself places to live.

They thought I was strange when I asked how to get my clothes cleaned at the reception here. I finally did pay the woman 20 Dirham to wash the clothes, and had to pay and extra three for the soap. They then went to buy soap. I was asking myself,

“How do they wash the sheets? Or is this like India where they don’t until they have too?”

I was happy to see a few day later sheets hanging up to dry. I am still watching these Moroccans though; they are not on the clean side of the hill of life. Iraq was so clean in comparison to this, and much more modern than here. It is the only Islamic country I have visited really, although Turkey is half-and-half, but not totally Islamic, more of when it is convenient to be, and not full on.

I am going to leave, one way or another. It is 7:04 AM, and time to get this world of Morocco moving. I like to arrive early in cities and get a jump on the drunks, druggies, and late hippies, so I can get a good room.


I found out I was a day behind yesterday, it is strange how I can lose track of the day or the date, and not even care. People help remind me of the day of the week or sometimes store being closed, there is usually something about some days where it blare at you that this is this day. Sunday in Europe it is obvious because everything seems to close in many of the countries, while in the USA there are still enough stores open that you could mistake it for Saturday, but in Europe necessity type places like Pharmacies, Restaurants, Groceries stores will be closed, even the Gas or Petrol Stations will close. Hard to imagine for me the gas stations closing, but in some places they do, money is a big priority, it is not less of a priority, but there are laws on the books that do not permit the business to be open often, and what this does is allows all of the businesses to close together and nobody loses money. I think sometimes there is more collusion on this type of thing, and the free enterprise system is amok. For sure the cost of Europe is double that of USA on normal staples, like toilet paper, bread, milk, and shampoo, and of course gas. The USA has more competition and keeps the price down; I think the solution is the European Union will get rid of the mom and pop mentality and help the normal poor person to live.

So I learned that I was on the wrong day, ones in Mexico, I asked what month it was? I was lost.