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English is the Language of Travel

2004-11-18 03:22:00

As I sit here on a French computer keyboad in Morocco and read some of the news around the world it would be possible for me to believe that the French language is the language of Africa of the travel language of Africa.


I was reading this dodgy article on CNN and of course I do not trust anything it says, but I do have to read some news...

I could not discern who quoted this, I think it was this dingaling reporter from CNN trying to put words in either Chiracs or U.K. Europe Minister Denis MacShane mouth.
(Reprters like this Robin Oakley CNN European Political Editor should be taken out back have their mouths washed out with soap for telling lies.)

There is also rivalry over whether French or English is the dominant language.

Now I can 100 percent say, fortunate for me, English is the language to learn if you travel, then if you had a good understanding of Chinese or how the Asian Languages work, then learn Spanish, the if you wanted for some fun learn French, but not really needed. German is not needed in the least, but as always learn to say hello and thank you in all languages. Bad manners can get you killed, so be careful Chirac and Robin Oakley.

I was told by a Beautiful French woman,
We love to listen to Americans speak French with an American accent.

... I cannot find the quotation marks on this machine.

So learning French and French women is a different issue. I consider France one of them easy to accommodate cultures...