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2004-11-07 00:47:00

Hi Andy - Gabriela is a Babe!

Sorry to hear about your passport and her plane ticket. Boo Hoo!

I knew it was cool and rainy in Spain (and Portugal) right now, but

shouldn't have assumed you were aware of that. No travel guide? I

keep running into this site so I will point to it, I guess. It's got less

that glowing reports from some Moroccan places so I give it some credibility

(the good and the bad get equal coverage). Anyway it tells how to take the

Marrakesh Express! Twenty bucks (or Euros) I think. The "Travel Tips"

section makes a good mini-travel guide itself , but I'd think

downloading the whole site to a thumb drive will make an interesting read. Here

are some the URL's from there.


Heard of this place, Essaouira, Morocco? The beach.


Essaouira was where Jimi Hendrix (Jimi owned a Hotel there - still there)

and Bob Marley used to hang out for extended time. It's where Jimi

wrote about in "Castles in the Sand", because that place really exists.

Maybe it's still a little like Goa, but on the smaller, less congested side

for a Moroccan burg (no smog) and not entirely westernized for European

package tourists, like this beach town called Agadir.


Their little travel map:



- cristobal s


I am on the way to Morroco, I am placing this in the blog for easier access.

I will click and go see. Algeciras is my destination now on the Spain side. I am in a T-shirt with the same same but different Thailand saying sitting on the floor of the bus stop in Fuengirola.

Very modern, but not helpful at all, the El Cid hotel down the street wanted 22 Euros for a room with no TV and then I went to rent it, he said that normally the day of rent starts at noon.

So he would give me the night of the 7th. But when I paid and wanted a receipt for the night of the 7th he would not give me a receipt. He was brain dead so I go my money back and started to book for Algeciras, Heidi my friend had a party or something, but she is not putting enough priority on my meeting up with her to waste my time. So what ... so what.

I had a great time with Gabriela and she went to the Bus stop with me and game the Argentina cheek kiss goodby. Great person.

I will publish again before losing the wireless or my battery.

My bus leaves in 15 minutes.

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