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2004-11-23 04:52:00

The homes around here are made of red bricks or clay bricks that I would assume they make next to the river and dry in the sun. This is called Adobe; it is a Spanish word for the clay or the brick. This type of brick is the worlds universal building material and not wood, wood is only used in the Jungle and maybe in the USA, but most of the world uses the clay brick, with the development of concrete or cement they started coating the bricks with cement, or aplastado the bricks, or splattering concrete on the bricks. But before the use of concrete they placed them together, stacked, or used clay to bind, maybe with straw, but nonetheless the point I am making there was a construction point where they went from not so good adobe bricks to a combination of adobe and cement,

Therefore, probably 99 percent of the really old stuff in this city is gone, as best I can observe. Now a lot of the Fort appears to be made with cut pieces of limestone or the coral like rock from the ocean with some form of cement. I think the present fort has had an adobe brown color added to the cement to make it appear the clay color, but I would guess it is fake clay in a way. Nevertheless, this is still a good representation of something that was real in the past, and they have not destroyed or altered for tourist so much that you cannot get the idea of what was here. The hard part about a tourist destination is to find the tourist attraction, or the real reason I should be here, not that anyone really cares, the tourist or me, I am just here.