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2004-10-16 03:58:00

I have stopped in to see my High School friend Gary in Upton, Massachusetts and immediately the next day he has arranged for me to talk with his sons class.

They want to talk about 3-4 cultures they have been studying, the Mayans, Incas, Aztec, and the Viking. I know little about the Viking, but in my computer and on the web site I had photos even of Machu Picchu of the Incas in South America and some of the Mayan culture in Tikal of Guatemala. Although I was not prepared I was happy to do this and happy that Gary assumed I would do a good thing.

The children were energetic and I did my best to explain the contrast between maybe today's culture and the archeology sites that I photographed and how they related or did not relate.

The student I hope will write me emails and help me to take photos as I travel. I am often in locations where I have no idea why the place has any importance, and then upon leaving discover the place had this and that, and I should have taken photos. With the help of these students I could focus on what is important historically, culturally and otherwise so my photos are better at explaining the world.

Plus the opportunity to make young people happy and demonstrate the power of the internet is a wonder.