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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2004-10-13 07:00:00

I can stay in a flophouse bar Hostel in Amsterdam and smell drunk people return all night and wake in the morning and take a taxi to the airport for 40 or 50 Euros, maybe 65 dollars or...

I can go sleep in the airport.

This is too easy of decision, the airport will smell good... I hope.

My dorm room in the Globe has this drunk that comes and flops anywhere he wishes every night and he stinks, so I am more than happy to leave.

My plane leaves at 11:00 AM tomorrow and that means I need to leave at 8:00 AM minimum, so might as well go sleep in the airport and not have to pay the 65 U.S. Dollars for the privilege of smelling people. I am amazed that I have yet to see anybody shower while I have been here. They do wake up 3 to 4 hours after me, but still you would think you would see one or two. I did catch an Australian guy with wet hair.

Like I said, I am in a Flophouse... a.k.a. The Globe, and it is better than most.

A Hostel has a kitchen and a common area where you meet people.

A flophouse is where drunks rest for the night.

So I go catch a plane to Boston. I will be in the USA for three week and return to Amsterdam on the 3rd of November where I hope to catch a train, plane, or bus to anywhere, and hopefully warm.