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2004-10-02 20:04:00

I have had way to much time to watch CNN and FOX, BBC in the last few days so I thought for what it was worth I would make a comment on the condition of world peace.

CONTRARY to what people think or the news reports.

The world is becoming very safe extremely fast.


1981 IS YEAR ONE - World Information

The problem is not safety, the problem is we are no longer ignorant of what is happening around the world. CNN was founded in 1981 and for the last 23 the ability to report News around the world has become increasing better. So now we know what is going on around the world, and the rest of the world knows what is happening in the USA. There is almost always one or all of the three following news medias in all countries. CNN, BBC and now the newcomer is FOX, there are couple German ones that do well also.


I personally have a difficult time finding a dangerous place to go for a little adventure. I am presently in Nepal and the USA government warns me not to come as they remove the Peace Corp and any non-essential personal. But what is going here, almost nothing and the real and ever present danger is not here. This is a tourist trap, and not dangerous, yes there are some small risk if you want to go to the wrong place for the wrong reason.


I went to Iraq for 35 days in September / August of 2003 and would have no problems returning today even though they are obviously cutting heads off of people.


I could make a worst mistake and get myself killed just as quick in New York or any large city in the world. I am off to Amsterdam soon and the my friend Nicolas from Switzerland was telling how he got robbed when a man put a knife to his throat there, I also had my friend Bruce telling me to watch my stuff in Amsterdam as he considers it one of the best places in the world to get robbed.


Iraq is the news of the day and nothing more, the hyperbole, spin, and outrageous creating of news by CNN, BBC is creating world hatred and worst creating an imagined enemy. The world is safe each year, but the ability to create report and create statistics become better each year, not the reality.


I sat in the Al Fanar Hotel in Downtown Baghdad and watch the BBC reporting a demonstration on TV. I realized it was outside my door, I jumped up and discovered that what was on TV, was not outside. An extremely small version of what they said was happening. They are not held accountable and they are creating provoking, anger producing, controversial with one reason, to sell the news.

The make it up as they go, and the people buy it.

After 50 plus countries and 8 years of travel.

Please trust me, the world is sort of boringly safe.

If you want to know how the world thinks, look at their clothes and see how they dress. They all copy the clothe, music, and buy the McDonalds and say they do not like the country of the USA. Give me a break, actions speak louder than words, the young noisy liberals are tire of hearing their parents and grandparents say how much they like USA products, and cannot admit their own hypocrisies.

Sort of like a my Dad and Mom, I love them with all my heart but I do not go around in the cool gang and say this to the group. I would be ostracized by the group. Same for complaining about the USA, they are completely clueless about American policy, but they complain about it daily.

I love to ask anyone on the planet,

“Tell me a specific American policy you do not like?”

98 percent of the world cannot say more than one, and the one they say is some nuance and configured misconception of their of world policy.


Saturday, October 2, 2004 6:42 AM



Culture and language are interwoven; I am in the process of making a dream backpack or my perfect backpack. I asked the person when it would be done.

The person said,


This word is my nemesis when I travel, I hear this word daily and when I was in South America and in Central America, it was “Depende.” I think it is slogan of the underdeveloped, developing, or the less fortunate of the world. I could also say it is the slogan of cultures that cannot get their act together to be successful.

Commitment versus depends?

Depends on what, I want an answer and a commitment. A simple commitment would be to say in two week and it would only take the person a day to finish my backpack, but he knows he is irresponsible and cannot be held to his word. First dysfunctional sign I smell is when a person says depends. A good business is dependable and can give an estimate of how long it will take; an exceptional business is usually correlated between what they say and what happens.

It is hard to always say what you are going to do and then do it. They are correct it depends on a lot of variable. How much materials, are other things needed. But I am laughing my butt off at the comment by Kerry.

Depends on the outcome.

Depends on the future is what this means, as if I will only make the and tell you the answer when I know the future. This is crazy, how can you express opinion that depends on you know the future. This convoluted and circular logic is a sure sign of a person with no ability to commit.

I am an alcoholic and for 17 plus years, I have been sober, but also for 17 plus years, I have been collecting specific behaviors or characteristics of what I call dysfunctional behaviors. Last night when watching the Bush - Kerry Debate here in the wonderful 6 dollar a night Hotel on top of the world in Katmandu, Nepal I had Kerry and Bush help me to clarify or make simpler some distinctions of dysfunctional behavior to add to my collected list of 500 plus behaviors.

Functional people are simple and clear.

Dysfunction people are confusing.

They do not function.

Journalists have to be the most dysfunctional people on earth.

Politicians are a near second.

How do you know when a dysfunctional person is lying?

Their mouth is moving.


I am doing ok with the backpack. I gave them a job they could do in one day and they have ten day to complete. I understand these types of culture and time and an inability to commit or complete a project is the enemy. But the great part is they only earn 5 dollars per day and this makes the capable of creating a bag cheaply. Note for those of you that wonder, in most countries they do piece work or get paid by the piece, so an employer can guarantee his profit, The more or less just tell the employee how much they will pay them and the employee agrees. It is not bid.

I had another company tell me he would tell me the price after he was finished. I told him to tell me the price, or no job. They would do the job and then extort exorbitant fees, never trust a person in a poor country to be fair with a rich person. I am rich in 80 percent of the world.

I am very excited about this bag.