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2004-10-19 03:01:00

I receive a lot of comment about women from readers, I do not add many, or publish many because I am not sure of why or the benefit, just a way to be sure men and women do not get along, or a great way to explain the wedge that is between men and women in relationships.

But sometime the comments are very clear.

I try to trade 5 for 1 American women all the time as I travel the world as I seem that often the local cultures in the UNDER-DEVELOPED countries, not the developed countries have women that do not delight in arguing. I really like powerful women like the Israel women after army types, but have no use with walking on egg-shell type women that wants me to listen. I like the ones that just want to talk with no battle, and cannot see any reason why I would want to argue with women or men for that matter, but there is a first strike mentality with American and European girls that is annoying. They want to punch and see if I will volunteer to be the victim or listen, as the British say,

"I cannot be bothered."

But here is a couple of pages of male interest I have just posted.

Thanks to the one person that I will leave off because no use in making the guilty responsible for the truth, I will take the heat.