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2004-10-31 18:28:00

I am not sure what to say, the world has turned into a big soap opera. I am in the USA for 3 more days and then to Europe, then I can avoid being inside the soap opera.

Why the USA is a soap opera?


There is this really stupid news story about a guy name Peterson or something like that may or may not have killed his wife. Everytime I ask someone...

"Why is this guy on the news?"

People start to explain the soap opera story, this is not and should not be on the top of the new of CNN or any other station. This is not good journalism.


Kerry is promising absolutely dream wishes for the country.

Cheap Medicine.

Stop Iran

Stop North Korea

Stop the problems in Iraq

Blah blah blah

Why are these soap operas?

Well, I do not watch soap operas, but sometime you are near one and hear what is happening on the show, and I end up saying,

"What is happening?"

I cannot believe what the person is doing or saying on the show, and why in the world would anyone want to watch this fantasy.

This is what has happened to me with the Peterson and the Election 2004, I catch myself saying, "What is happening?"

As I cannot believe that journalist are sitting around discussing or prognosticating about the Peterson trial, then....

Who can believe what is on TV about the Election.

There is not limit to the silly promises being made. I have had to stop listening because I would not believe any of these promises are even possible in my best dream. These are fantasy promises and people buy this crap... aagh.

So like a Soap Opera the characters start to become real.

Europe is watching like a soap opera and the Guardian Newspapers rag is getting involved.

Michael Moore the fat hero of Europe has a following... Fantasy

CNN and BBC are 24 hour a day Soap Opera scripts.

Make up some controversy, make it somewhat believable and the make all the characters fight. In real life all the people in all situations are not arguing, only in a Soap Opera.

Yep, and Jimmy Carter can solve the problems, just like he freed the 300 hostages in Iran...

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