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2004-10-21 18:27:00

I received this letter a couple of day ago, and have been wondering what to do? It is not as easy as just saying to the USA government,

"Hey, I want to help a guy come to the USA."

The whole world wants to come to the USA, and this guy is probably a candidate for the


Yesterday, One maoest 40 miles from kathmandu came to my office in 7.00

P.M. and he informed me that Maoist party declared death penalty to me

for my activities against their party. I am very socked to hear this

maoist decision aganist me. This is very hard situation in my life.

Maoist are very cruel to me. I must go out of Nepal as early as

possible. I have a wife a doughtier 15 and a son 13 years old.

I am doing this ... ... business for my living and for my family

living. I have to leave all my business and my family to save my life.

I have to find a place to settle myself and my family outside Nepal.

I have my brother in law (My wife's brother) living in US (in Taxes).

He is not US citizen but only green card holder. I need a person like

you who invite and send sponsored letter to me and to the US embassy

in Nepal. I hurtfully request you to help me in this matter. I hope

your supreme god power will understand my situation and give me safety.

I come and stay with my brother in law in US.


So what to do?

I tried to call the USA Embassy and they have this touch tone service that automatically hangs up on you because they are busy, but of course there are a few hundred telephones to call.

The Maoist are a form of double taxation for Nepal.

The government comes and collect tax.

Then the Maoist come and collect money and will kill you if you do not give.

Typical stuff in the under-developed world or about 80 percent of the planet.