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2004-10-18 03:21:00

I have made it home and will return to Amsterdam on the 3rd of November.

Nice to see a land of peace, Indiana is a fortunate place where all my parents worry about are their grandchildren and whether they can buy medicine over the internet from Canada.

When to go to Chubbies Restaurant for breakfast, and when they will be needed to babysit for their grandchildren. The big new on my arrival is that they have put in a huge concrete driveway.

Nice news after things like Maoist Rebels in Nepal, or the Red Light District in Amsterdam, if you was here you would understand why I like an ideal world, and will say what is wrong when it is not. Tolerance is not keeping your mouth shut when you travel, it is tolerating and not leaving a place because you do not agree. I tolerate the world very well, but I do not agree, everyone has an right to their opinion including myslelf.


Sixish AM on Sunday October 17, 2004

I am on the plane from Boston to Cincinnati, Ohio where I will transfer to another plane and go to Chicago. Once in Chicago I will take a train from the airport to the Greyhound / Amtrak Station and grab a bus to Fremont, Indiana that is close to my parents house.

The cost of flying from Chicago to Fort Wayne adds about 230 Dollars to the cost of the ticket and the bus takes about 4 hours. I save about 100 dollars or am more or less paid 50 dollars and hour in saving to take the bus, plus the bus goes within 15 miles of my home, and the plane is still 50 miles from my home, so it is better to take the bus except for the drivers of Greyhound have a high rating on the jerk scale.

Check-in or security check at the airport is sloppy and confusing, and the same as every other airport in the world. My belt buckle made it through the security gate and that is not good, as it normally does not. The fat man of about 28 years old in front of my was oblivious and a pain as he fought the need to remove all metal on his body, while I knew I had the buckle, but thought I would test the system, he however copped and attitude about being safe on a plane. Anyone that complains about security or being checked thoroughly to take and airplane is extremely high on the idiot scale. I can say conclusively after flying in and out or Europe they have almost zero security compared the rest of the world and Europe for sure will get bombed in some major cities, and they have their head in the sand and think they are not targets. In the Islamic Jihaad sense anyone that is not Islamic is the target and they do not seem to care how they kill people.


I could counter almost 90 percent of anti-American Rhetoric or stereotypes, except for the fat one, Americans are fat and sloppy, they dress badly and the girls look like boys.


I needed to check-in at 4:00 AM and decide to sleep in the airport was better than trying to wake people or convince my friend to drive in the morning at 3:00 AM to the airport.


I am starting to think that airports are some of the best places to sleep for free as they are temperature controlled, secure, very little riff raft and guarantees you catch the plane. The toilets are clean and the mirrors are better than any Hotel almost… It is getting more and more tempting to take and tour of Europe and sleep in the airports. I could just keep hopping the cheap flights until I had been everywhere in Europe. I think this is doable. has too many rules and they already go me once, they are sort of a bait and switch airline.

I was thinking I could open about 4 windows of easy jet and book 2-3 tickets at the same time so I could coordinate tickets to leave one day apart, I could see the major sites of Europe without having to sleep in the flop house Hostels of Europe, and living in Europe is not that fun anyway. But either is the USA, as they both are highly impersonal unless you have a car and go to small villages.