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2004-10-25 08:46:00

Hard to say yet, but I keep plugging away on my research, I sense there is a land route from Morroco to Egypt. This would be too cool.

I wrote a friend of mine from France that is doing something or is parked in Morroco and asked her if she knew of anyone that has went that direction?

She said,
"no, sorry, we are not that mad, neither my friends..."

I feel like the Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland.
Ok, so I am mad, but nonetheless, is there a route, what is the path, what is the skinny, tell me the scoop from the street level?

OK, I smell a route, so that sort of solidifies my path after I get to Amsterdam, I am going to go visit LouLou in Amsterdam because she is sending photos and that is good sign.

Go to this link and help, put it on the internet to help the world and not just
me. http://www.hobotraveler.com/de3howtovisitisrael.php

LIBYA - I think it possible for USA citizen to cross

CNN.com - U.S. lifts travel ban to Libya - Feb. 27, 2004

Note I would not walk across the street on the words of CNN, but it is a heads up that there is words, I just have to go find the truth now.

Nothing is more truth distorting than CNN and BBC!, clarity and truth do not coincide with the CNN and BBC. No I have to go work on Algeria...

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