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2004-10-22 13:15:00

I have been amazed at Indiana after being gone again
for half a year. This place is unique in many ways.

My family and the town of Orland as quiet and boring
as any city in the world could be. No crime, no
strike, no drunks in the street, no prostitutes. None
of the thinks that I have started to realize is normal
in the world.

While they the Maoist Terrorist want to kill a friend
of mine in Nepal, and the drunks are stumbling up the
steps to the dorm in Amsterdam, and my other friends
are paying 1000-2000 Baht to buy some woman in
Thailand the little town of Orland has three major

1. People are raking leaves.
Probably burning when they should not.
I can hear the lawn mowers.

2. The Volunteer Fire Department has a new station
that is about a big as any major city in the world,
except this town only has 500 maybe people.

3. The coffee club is getting old, the Mexican are
moving in to work at the Chicken processing plant, or
the Mushroom farm.

Only big thing of interest for me is that the mobile
home around here are similar to the huts around the

Oh yea, they all complain about the rich, the
universal conversation around the world.

If I had a girl friend to complain about I would stay
a week or two longer.

I am now plotting to buy a mini-van in the USA for
about 1000 Dollars that I an roam around the country
in about 6-12 months from now.

I am a good mechanic and I can ditch the thing if
anything big happens. My friend Scot and my Nephew
Bradley do not know it yet, but I have assigned them
the job of locating and buy a mini-van for me.

I am trying to do the same in Germany.