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2004-10-27 05:22:00

I am tired of the USA election, I like to listen or learn about world news, but in the USA presently it is impossible to listen.

Sadly, everyone seems to believe it OK to lie.

Blame this person, blame that person, they all want to make everyone responsible for the sins of the world. I really do wish the President of the United States had the type of power or control for which he is responsible, but even better yet it would be wonderful if Kerry had even a snow balls chance in hell of doing what he says he can do.

He should get in office, his list of promises is so high that if he even come close the world would be great, but on the other hand if he does what he says he will do to Iran and Korea, the world will end in a doomsday bomb situation.

How I will vote, easy.

Hmm who do I want with me in fight?

Because in the end, the President is only good for war, the congress, senate and all the other liars are going to make the real laws and spend the money.

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