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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars



2004-10-19 02:27:00

I got on Yahoo Messenger yesterday and chatted with Surenden of the All-Export Cargo place in Nepal. He is a worker and a good guy that works in the Internet Cafe part of this place. He told me that he had sent my 3 phase or 3rd prototype or design number 3 of my backpack to me.

I have design number 2 with me, and they are sending me the next generation.

I am HOPING and HOPING they get it right or close to right.

I am looking for the one perfect TRAVEL backpack.

Contrary to popular belief, most backpacks suck, they are made for people that go climb mountains or for backpackers in the woods, then the crazy people go get on a bus, train, plane, and travel to Europe.

They need a different bag than the one for the mountain.

This company is shipping me my bag, they are not making my bag.

But to be nice, I will put his link on my page, this is not a recommendation to buy or saying that he is good, but I am hoping they do a good job.

Here is the real kicker.

The shipping cost twice as much as the bag.


Now DHL is about the only rapid or overnight type shipping I would trust, not because they are better than UPS, but because they are everywhere. Contrary to popular myth Federal Express and UPS are not everwhere, the probably do have sub-contractors that deliver the packages everywhere, but I ONLY see DHL everywhere in the world, while UPS is only in the really big tourist places, and Federal Express is for the USA and very difficult to find.

They sent is on October 18th.

Now I will see how long it takes?